A strangely charismatic little rifle.

Little Badger in the hands of self-defense trainer Kathy Jackson.

Little Badger looks like an illicit love child between an AR15 and a Mk3 Sten. It’s all black metal and Picatinny rails, with a ladder sight of M2 carbine and muzzle threaded for flash hiders or suppressors. It was meant for kids but charms as many adults. It’s a single shot, manually cocked break action which looks “evil” enough for the Feinsteins of the world to hate it on pure style. I shot it and it was accurate and easy to handle. It also looked and felt like something out of a cyberpunk novel.

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10 Responses to A strangely charismatic little rifle.

  1. Cargosquid says:

    Your “cyberpunk” link came up 404.

  2. WestonMoss says:

    Looks cool, the price point will be critical to its success though, imo.

    Since ruger came out with the takedown 10/22, its hard for me to justify saving 1.5 lbs or whatever to go from a semi-automatic mag-fed and proven system to a single-shot. I’m sure its a fine rifle but the nichiest of niche. Though, Chiappa has a penchant for that.

  3. Leon says:

    Reminds me of the FIE Bronco .22 single shot.
    They used to sell, new, for under $20 back in the day.

  4. Kevin says:

    That “illicit lovechild” comment cost me a keyboard, a cup of coffee, and my sinus lining….

  5. "lee n. field" says:

    Interesting. Except for the modern rails, it looks like a couple pieces from my grandfather’s estate — turn of the last century kids’ single shot rifles.

  6. Y. says:

    Single shot guns are too much of a hassle for me. Can’t imagine buying one, except perhaps if the choice was death vs single shot.

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  8. Paul Koning says:

    Since it has a threaded barrel, I believe the felon senator from CA would call it an Assault Rifle.
    (Felon? Of course. Perjury is a felony.)

  9. mikee says:

    I have a takedown 22LR single shot from Rossi that can switch barrels and become a single shot .410 shotgun. Fun to shoot, cost almost nothing when I got it on a whim.

    The posted Chiappa rifle reminds me of nothing so much as the assassin’s rifle in Day of the Jackal. Scroll down here to see it: http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Jackal,_The

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