Having a great time at Keltec

Keltec is one of the most pleasant companies I’ve ever visited. People seem friendly to each other, helpful to me and working with them is a joy. Went for another range trip today, mostly to shoot video of their guns in action. Ended up mostly filming Dana with guns being a minor side show. Did get to shoot a few items, including an SU16E with an experimental rail (a major win), an RMR30 with Gemtech’s G5 suppressor and the new shel/fume deflector (which works great), Sub2000 in 40S&W, and an optically sighted PMR30. Here I am, using it at 35 yards from the target. Normally, I shoot cameras and guns from one knee, so most of my pants need a patch on the left knee. Here, I am collecting dust all over just to get steadier for the long shot. The extended barrel threaded for a flash hider also worked great: no more bright muzzle flash.

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  1. David says:


  2. Erin Palette says:

    While you’re there, why don’t you pick up one of these for me? Thanks. 😀

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