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Heinlein was right.

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Individual or collective?

The difference between individual rights and collective responsibility may be illustrated with this example: imagine a group of half-dozen people which includes you. Every person in that group has a basic table utensils, a spoon, a knife and a fork. … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Living in America is an awesome boon. Some of us paid for it, others had parents or more distant ancestors do the work for us. Either way, it’s worth celebrating. While this country has better parts and worse, there’s no … Continue reading

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Knowing and understanding the past is the first step to securing the future. Project Appleseed helps us understand how America came to be as a free country. They teach the basics of marksmanship, too.

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About Independence Day by my friend Michael Freeman

Read the article on his site.

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Bad laws and impositions on freedom.

I am not much of a legal expert, so my comments on the recent Supreme Court decision would be by analogy. US has had similar levels of idiocy before, in particular during WW2 and again during the 1970s. Remember “wage … Continue reading

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What would you do to be free?

If the goal is to avoid indignities great and petty, how does one become more free? Not minding them is one way, but learning to ignore evil doesn’t free us or our beloved from its pysical manifestations. Spiritual freedom does … Continue reading

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One component of being free.

After years of thinking, I may have figured out which aspect of life makes a person feel un-free. It’s the frequency of having to perform submission rituals. When a feudal lord rides by peasants and they have to kneel in … Continue reading

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You say you want a revolution…

I am curious, have any domestic revolutions ever produced greater liberty? Not wars of secession (like out 1776 event) but actual domestic revolutions with the change of existing government. Romanian revolution of 1989 seems to be such an example. 1688 … Continue reading

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Seeking freedom!

Gremlin already learned to unlock and open regular doors, but the sliding door is too heavy for him to handle.

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