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One of my favorite models is back after five years away. Lots of new photos coming soon.  

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Threaded Glock factory barrels for sale again

Last December, I posted about a batch of Glock 17 factory barrels threaded by a friend. They sold out, and now he’s making more available. I’ve used the one I got from him extensively and it has worked like every … Continue reading

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Origina 12 shotgun (production): new on AllOutdoor

A scattergun for the 21st century

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Busy time

Lots of visitors these days. Some haven’t changed much in five years, others grew up in just two.  Lots of new guns, too.   The guests socialize and share knowledge. Learning the proper stance, practicing trigger control with dry fire. … Continue reading

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A good role model for adults

At age 8, this young man can shoot Glock 17 (9mm) competently and safely. With this kind of examples in front of them, adults who are apprehensive about firearms might just realize that they aren’t difficult to operate properly. It might … Continue reading

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Berthier 8x50mm rifle

Berthier rifle was a “brilliant” design that provided an en bloc alternative to the tube magazine in the 1886 Lebel. It used the same cartridge — three lousy rounds at a time compared to Lebel’s eight, but with much quicker … Continue reading

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Poor Yorick and other skulls

“My dearest deer…” “Drink up!”

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Who among my readfers does 3D modeling and rendering?

A client of mine has a project that needs 3D modeling and rendering of industrial products. The work revolves around images for advertising, not CAD. I know that a few of my former students have been doing this, but my contacts … Continue reading

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An old image which is worth re-posting.

  I am lucky to be friends with quite a few peace officers.

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