Superhuman senses.

She can hear better and tell bearing of the sound source more precisely with the amplified hearing protection. She can see in the dark with the thermal scope. And she’s definitely compensating with the Tavor for her inability to well-aimed throw rocks at targets 300-400 yards away.

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7 Responses to Superhuman senses.

  1. Frank Ch. Eigler says:

    (How about a link to the hearing protection equipment?)

  2. Steve says:

    the random shut off is often an indicator of being left on. And no activity. Or dying batteries. One failure point is often a battery box issue. I have 6 sets of these I’m not paid or sponsored by them but they are the best thing going those and tci

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Any ideas on how to fix them? I turn them on and within 5 to 20 minutes, they just turn off. This started within a few weeks of me getting them.

      UPDATE: Getting RMA from MSA now.

  3. Tad stratton says:

    All she needs is her own “graphic novel”.

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