“I am not Charlie!”

It may be better to be a live jackal than a dead lion, but it is better still to be a live lion. And usually easier. (Robert Heinlein)

When people regularly die for expressing their beliefs, free speech does not thrive. When savages bent on eradicating free speech die, civilization endures. Last weekend, we studied the basics of making that outcome more likely. It was a good course.


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5 Responses to “I am not Charlie!”

  1. Alex Nieuwland says:

    Hell yeah! American women rock. Good work.

  2. Infidel Dan says:

    I am Charlie… with a gun.

  3. I wish I had know and the cost. Something I need to address, to long since I did any of that. BTW GREAT Pictures! this one and the other 2.

  4. JD Lester says:

    “Bien fait!”

    “Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive le mercenaire”



  5. Paul Koning says:

    It would be interesting to remind today’s disarmed victim French what their own national anthem has to say. “Aux armes, Citoyens!”

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