Victimizing the survivors

Supposedly, some totalitarian regimes bill the families of executed criminals (or dissidents) for the bullets used by firing squads. Probably an urban legend, but our great leader and his friends in congress are trying to top it.

All the proposed restrictions on guns and confiscations of property affect the surviving families of the school shooting victims just as such as they affect the rest of the Americans. So our government is out to victimize the same people who have already been harmed by the murderous nutcase. The nutcase, by the way, was enabled to inflict disproportionate harm by their mandated so-called “gun-free zones”! “So sorry your kids died, now give up your guns!” Who needs Communist China for the symbol of modern evil when Washington is so much closer…

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1 Response to Victimizing the survivors

  1. LarryArnold says:

    Actually most of the survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting victims live in
    Connecticut. According to the Brady folks, the gun-control laws that are being proposed to prevent the next school shooting are already in effect there.

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