Non-frangible 5.7×28 Ammunition

Most 5.7×28 loads available in the US are loaded with varmint bullets designed for fragmentation. They work great on rabbit-sized rodents but lack penetration for defense against people. They can be effective under some circumstances, such as shooting fish in a barrel. Controlled expansion bullets, such as Ballistic Silvertips loaded by Elite Ammunition, provide better penetration of barriers without breaking apart. FMJ (Federal/Fiocchi) would be the next best choice, as would the original SS190 FN round but that one is hard to get. Then again, at this time it seems everyone is out of this ammo. One more argument for shopping in bulk early.

20-round standard and 30-round extended magazines combined with low recoil make this round a viable defensive option.

With a good holster, this fairly large but lightweight pistol can be carried comfortably.

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6 Responses to Non-frangible 5.7×28 Ammunition

  1. AK™ says:

    Looks like it would be a great Zombie gun.

    I was buying ammo today,saw about 4-6 boxes of 5.7x28mm sitting on the shelf.

  2. Bill N. says:

    I have always had reservations about Elite ammunition. They drive heavier bullets faster than factory FN. I don’t see how they can do that that without increasing the pressure. Have you done any pressure testing?

    • Jay says:

      We also drive lighter bullets faster then factory. All of our ammo is below CIP max for the 5.7×28. You have tom keep in mind FNH ammunition is mass produced. Ours is not.

  3. Slvwrx says:

    Volk, IMO your title is misleading. There are no 5.7 factory loads that are frangible.. The Vmax loads are fragmenting rounds as you describe in your article

  4. Scott E says:

    Elite does extensive testing as well as third party testing. They make a very good product in various configurations . One reason they are able to do it is that FN has underpowered their loads due to political reasons.

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