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Buhurt, the traditional martial art

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Backpack armor.

A friend from a body armor company just wrote: “With the shooting that happened in FL, we are about 3-4 months backordered on some products right now.” Since most of the armor for kids is used in the form of … Continue reading

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New lightweight armor

During Tennessee summer, the surplus vest I have gives the option of either cooking in it or risking exposure to gunfire. It’s also getting long in the tooth, and there’s no good way of testing Dyneema for degradation over time. … Continue reading

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Zany Valkyrie

You can see more about this curious device at Forgotten Weapons.

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Why such an emphasis on smaller and lighter guns: new on AllOutoor

The change in demographics of gun ownership.

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“Бог троицу любит”

“God loves the Trinity (in the “three of something” sense) — a Russian proverb. Panzerkampfwagen Drei

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Body Armor Musings: new on AllOutdoor

Why do some US politicians hate freedom even more than Chinese commies do?

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We don’t have to imagine a world without guns. Humanity already lived through it.

For those who wish to avoid gun violence in particular can always go to Burundi or Rwanda…the locals favor machetes there. Somehow, that environment doesn’t seem nearly as safe as the more firearm-friendly America. (Make-up by Tirzah Julius) A relevant … Continue reading

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Who needs armor-piercing ammunition?

For starters, every innocent victim of the psychopath and/or terrorist in Aurora, Colorado. He wore armor. The same people could have used sound suppressors, both to avoid being blinded by their own muzzle flashes in the dark and to reduce … Continue reading

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