Body Armor Musings: new on AllOutdoor

Why do some US politicians hate freedom even more than Chinese commies do?

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  1. Lyle says:

    Interesting article. Thanks.

    I’d comment over there, but, bizarrely, they require a passworded account.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      You are welcome to comment here on on Facebook (or use one of the social media accounts that’s also accepted).

  2. Ray says:

    Yes the Feds seem pretty rabid about banning body armor. When you add the frenzy to ban all rifle ammo , with the announced regional military exorcises that are in fact national. Too an effort to ban even passive personal protection and basic speech and communications Tech, and mix in a lowering of the amount of YOUR money you can withdraw or possess with out being “detained” and the money “confiscated” and I have to wonder if I will wake up to troops on my street going “door to door” soon. Just to “relocate” people to “safe” camps; for their own good of coarse. Maybe the men behind this should look up “Warsaw Ghetto” on the internet. They might learn what happens if you push people too far.

    • Paul Koning says:

      The Warsaw analogy is not directly helpful, because the oppressors won that one (vs. their victims, that is, not the whole war of course). On the other hand, it is a potent reminder — as Oleg has illustrated so skillfully — why the intended victims should never give up their weapons.

  3. Jim R says:


    1. Chinese really have no experience with “freedom”. Americans have… and know what it can do. That’s why some have a phobia about it

    2. As for banning armor, too many people get their ideas of reality from TV shows. They imagine, therefore, that many Americans own machineguns (i.e. death rays: one hit will instantly kill) that they buy at gunshows and just can’t wait to knock over a bank and mow down entire police departments just like in the movie “Heat” (among others). Well! With that view of “reality”, who WOULDN’T want to ban guns, ammo, armor, &c?

    3. These are the same people who put a dreamy pic of the younger Tsarnaev on the cover of “Rolling Stone”, wear “Free Mumia” and Che t-shirts, and burn down neighborhoods over “gentle giants” like the idiot thug Michael Brown


  4. wizardpc says:

    So where can I get some $30 level 4 plates 😀

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