Why such an emphasis on smaller and lighter guns: new on AllOutoor

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4 Responses to Why such an emphasis on smaller and lighter guns: new on AllOutoor

  1. anonymous says:

    Besides being easier to carry in the woods and desert, we ‘seasoned citizens’ (old people) appreciate carrying a lesser burden. Couple that light weight with a smaller round that doesn’t recoil much, you have the beginnings of a winning concept. My CZ Carbine in 7.62 is such a gun, as is my Remington 600 bolt gun.

  2. Y. says:

    Sarcopenia is mostly what makes old people ‘look’ old. After 65 or so muscle loss gets about 10x faster. Aging is now understood to be something like suicide programmed into mammals.

    Anyway, old people who do resistance training can thus stave-off the muscle loss and appear to be much younger. There is a woman out there who is 80 but looks okay in a bikini. Maybe the skin around her midsection is a little loose, and of course her hair is gray and she has some wrinkles on her face but otherwise could pass for a well-preserved fifty.

    Replacing lost muscle also has other benefits, it appears to help other organs renew themselves too, and make quality of life much higher.

  3. David Esch says:

    If that plate carrier has metal plates in it, it weighs almost three times what the rifle does! On the other hand minimalist and effective setup. change from hard to soft armor and it becomes useful for people of all ages/strength, even if the protection drops to handgun. Very good choice in rifle – my vz-58 was a flat out rock star.

  4. anonymous says:

    Y, it isn’t just the number that gets one feeling old, its the mileage put on by injuries as well. A lot of former athletes (especially those who engaged in contact sports) now find themselves with damaged knees / ankles / shoulders / backs years later. I have a damaged rotator cuff in my right arm that haunts me now and then if I over do it. Lifting a case of 5.56 or 7.62 NATO now sure has gained some pounds in the years – or is it me ? :^)

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