Umarex steps up to support Alexis

Last March, Alexis was in a car accident and injured her right shoulder. Later November, she re-injured the collar bone on the same side. That made practice with full weight firearms impossible.

Enter Umarex Morph 3x, a very lightweight convertible BB gun (2.5lbs in rifle configuration) supplied to her for rehabilitation training. Intended for use at ranges up to 15-20 yards, it should be ideal for getting her back into shooting practice with less chance of further re-injury.

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6 Responses to Umarex steps up to support Alexis

  1. Lyle says:

    That looks great. It’s hard to be sure, but the L.O.P. looks to be excessive for her. I went to check the specs on their web site, but they demanded I enter my age before I could view their site.


    • Lyle says:

      Not jusy my age, mind you; they demanded my birth date.

      So it is that the girl they gave a gun to, would be deemed “too young” to view their web site.

      What country is this?

  2. Scott Bascom says:

    Umarex is based in Germany- I suspect they have corporate policies that stem from that.
    That said, I think it is a ridiculous policy.

  3. SBC says:

    Don’t shoot any steel with BB’s

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