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The big and the small

Accuracy International in .338 Lapua Magnum in the hands of a veteran…and Crickett Precision Rifle in .22LR in the hands of the next generation of marksmen.

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A scope so clear…

…that you can see right into the afterlife of your foes! NEMO 300WinMag rifle, US OPtics 3-17x scope. A skilled shooter with a spotter could dominate a significant stretch of landscape with this combo.

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Your rifle doesn’t have to swim in gun oil to work

The rifle shown with the Armatac drum is mine. Thanks to the Timney trigger and free-floated barrel, it shoots very well. Instead of the unmagnified EOtech holographic sight shown in the video, I use a 3.5-15x Nightforce scope.

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More about EFI 338LM rifles

Since their site is inaccessible, you can reach EFI at 304-229-6479 or by email.

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LRP-07 rifles

I like that rifle…though make mine a 20-rounder. And a more conventional AR in .223

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