“Last chance to back down!”

Auto Ordnance Thompson with 20rd stick magazine, 50rd disk in the bag.

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8 Responses to “Last chance to back down!”

  1. Kevin says:

    Is she right eye dominant or is that an optical illusion?

  2. TinkerBell says:

    Haha actually I am left handed and right eye dominant. lol I think. it changes. :p

  3. camtec says:

    Why or rather what is she wearing on her arms?WSW

  4. camtec says:

    Sorry ’bout the WSW. That was supposed to go into the moving red letters box.

  5. Jeff Dege says:

    I’m struck by just how petite she must be, to make holding a Thompson look like a stretch…

  6. Miguel says:

    Got a flashback to All That Jazz. Dance scene for the song Fly With Us.


  7. Vlad says:

    She would benefit from adjustable stock/rifle with shorter length of pull. I’m sure she runs the tommy gun just fine, it’d just be more comfortable.

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