Honor Harrington’s predecessor?

Nice feature of Dieselpunk is the abundance of goggles for eye protection when shooting. Holster by Dragoleather, pistol from Czechpoint.

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7 Responses to Honor Harrington’s predecessor?

  1. Stevan Gajic says:

    I like it. Needs a Nimitz perhaps, but very steampunk.

  2. Turk says:

    The Cz-52 is such an odd looking gun, it really works in this image. I had one a decade ago. Unreliable, but SUPER accurate. I love the young lady’s stance…

  3. Richard H Brown Jr says:

    Except that she shoots a M1911a1. Re-read the books.

  4. Crucis says:

    Ahhh, but Honor Harrington uses a 1911A1, not a CZ.

  5. RabidAlien says:

    Ahhh…the Honor Harrington series! Awesome!!! Combine that with steam/diesel-punk, and you can’t lose!

    Love the photos!

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