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“Captain Alatriste”

I watched the movie last year. Over the last week, I read the first five books. Between the quality writing and the apparently well done translations, I really enjoyed them. The plot-wrangling takes a second place to the texture and … Continue reading

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Getting around .223 shortages.

So our foes succeeded in making rifle ammunition too rare to use for recreational shooting. Most people are now shooting only to zero their new guns, to function test and to get familiar with the manual of arms. The rest … Continue reading

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Towards more efficient revolver ammunition

.38 Special and .357 Magnum revolvers are very versatile but they have one annoying down side in the short-barreled guise: a considerable muzzle flash. That’s not surprising, considering that the same cartridge may end up in a 2″ subcompact wheelgun … Continue reading

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Serbu 50BMG rifle

For an upcoming magazine article.

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A rifle for a lady

Should a rifle designed for women be more than the same action in a plastic pink stock? Savage obviously thinks so. Quality hardwood stock, Accu-trigger and sporter profile barrel added up to a very handy and well balanced rifle. In … Continue reading

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A better way to peace and quiet

ATI1911-22 with an AAC Pilot suppressor shown. Walther P22, M&P22 and 1911-22 all use the same threaded adapter for mounting suppressors.

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When inflation isn’t.

In my previous post, I cited the rise of ammunition and restaurant meal prices as examples of inflation. That wasn’t the whole story. Inflation is what happens when the amount of money in circulation increases faster than the supply of … Continue reading

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Inflation and luxuries.

“Budget the luxuries first” (R.A. Heinlein) Fifteen years ago, I remember spending $50 on a nice romantic dinner at a high-end restaurant and thinking: “That’s a lot of money, but the food was great and the girlfriend got good wine … Continue reading

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Dreamer Jessica

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First time at the range.

Two grocery bags ware put on a stick and rotated freely in the wind. As a result, they got hit from all sides with several .22 and .32 pistols. Revolvers didn’t work out — double action triggers were too heavy … Continue reading

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Hit the gym!

Besides the obvious health benefits, more muscle means you can operate heavier toys. This DSA FAL is hefty — a heavy barrel, a 100rd Beta drum and a 2.5-10x optic do add up — but also capable of keeping up … Continue reading

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Holster for teaching.

Later this week, I will be instructing a friend in the use of handguns. She is over 60, has small arthritic hands and has never used a firearm before. She’s taking her required carry course over the weekend. Her loving … Continue reading

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Independent women.

In my long quest for a mate, I found that only independent women are interesting. Those who were wards of others — either incapable of independent judgement, or of feeding, sheltering or defending themselves — were not only uninteresting but … Continue reading

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Red and Pink

Chic Lady .38

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Keeping a low profile.

In Tennessee, openly carried pistols and obvious long gun cases don’t get much attention. In other states, discretion is a good idea because of government agents and other thieves. Some people carry pistols in diaper bags on the assumption that … Continue reading

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Reactive steel targets: a shout-out for a friend

My friend Brad is running a sweepstakes for a reactive steel target system. The stands can be adjusted to fall from a single shot or require multiple hits. “Live” area can also be adjusted by varying the plate size and … Continue reading

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True definition of an “assault weapon”

Assault is legally defined as “an act intended to cause an apprehension”. Weapons used to intimidate innocent people would be, by their actual use, “assault weapons”. Curiously, all the proposed gun control laws specifically exempt the people who already use … Continue reading

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A note to aspiring models.

I work with a wide variety of models, professional, amateur and accidental (friends who happen to fit some idea of mine). This is directed primarily towards the amateur models who are interested in becoming professional. The crucial qualities for a … Continue reading

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“Only accurate rifles are interesting”

I don’t actually agree with that view. A 4MOA AK clone is plenty useful for its intended purpose. But given that we the people are far behind the most probable enemy in firepower, we have two main options. The first … Continue reading

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Rimfire AR

Chiappa mfour-22 with BDM 26rd magazine. Just the thing for clays at 25-50 yards.

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