Somebody doesn’t like my posters.

Fast-forward this video to about 10:50 mark to hear an anti complain about this image of Lori.

They aren’t fond of Chelsie, either.

The young woman in the photo was 16 at the time.

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38 Responses to Somebody doesn’t like my posters.

  1. awtha says:

    Well, how dare you think for yourself.
    WE know whats better for you peons!
    If we want your opinion we’ll GIVE it to you!
    (There is no such thing a personal responsibility.)

  2. Mike S says:

    The woman scared of self-defense starts talking about your posters at about 10:50.

    It’s sad how she asserts that children can’t be taught responsibility or how to safely use firearms, when that is plainly not true and contradicted by recent news stories. And she doesn’t try to argue with the premise that law enforcement can’t get to your house quick enough to save you, but just asserts that it is wrong to encourage women to defend themselves and their families.

  3. Travis Brown says:

    Haters gonna hate. 😉

    In all seriousness though, their responses are always such an insight into their mentality. It really demonstrates just how serious of a mental illness gun control activists suffer from. For them to argue against such simple, common sense (maybe we should start calling it uncommon sense) things is almost incomprehensible to the rest of us. Arguing that children cannot be taught personal responsibility or how to safely handle firearms. They’ve clearly never been around the numerous well-trained children I’ve had in several classes or children of some of my friends that are far more well-adjusted than the average adult these days. Arguing there is no such thing as personal responsibility?! WOW. They really have no clue how the real world works.

    Keep up the great work Oleg.

  4. Lyle says:

    They hate your posters because your posters are effective at illustrating the truth. They want control of people’s minds, and to them you represent an unacceptable level of competition. You’re a threat. Just by your very existence, you’re a threat.

    If they were a little bit smarter, they’d keep their mouths shut. Bringing attention to your work will do them only harm. So keep drive them crazy. Apparently they’re willing to advertise for you when they’re irritated enough. Good work, Oleg.

    About the video; I thought is was pretty good, considering who did it. They of course have to get basic facts wrong as in, “…rights granted by the second amendment.” They know better of course, but avoiding the truth is vital to the cause.

    It’s interesting that they think their spinning your work as “marketing” for the gun makers is a good idea. I guess they’ve bought into the assumption that business is generally regarded as evil.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Do they think I am marketing MAS49/56 rifles!?

      I am glad they gave me screen time and read the verses out loud — I couldn’t have paid for this kind of publicity.

      • Lyle says:

        I think I see a strategy developing for you. That’s how the Enemy operates– get us all riled up with extreme demands and we spread the word for them. At the end of the day we’re made to feel lucky if the Enemy only gets half of what it wants. Lather, rinse, repeat… There is a name for that;

        • Lyle says:

          The difference is that their extreme equals lies and ultimately coercion. Our “extreme” is the mere truth. In this case; arms are hands-off when it comes to govcernment. It’s none of their business whatsoever.

      • milquetoast says:

        Do they think I am marketing MAS49/56 rifles!?

        a gun controller lying to advance their position? I’m sure everyone will be suitably aghast.

    • Sigivald says:

      They of course have to get basic facts wrong as in, “…rights granted by the second amendment.” They know better of course, but avoiding the truth is vital to the cause.

      I think you’re wrong there.

      By which I mean, I don’t think “they know better”.

      They really don’t think there’s any such natural right, so if it exists at all, it’s because of the Second Amendment, and subject to legislative modification or removal.

      Statists gonna state, I guess is the way to put it.

      (The other factor is that, well, these are Australians; their Constitution, as I understand it, only really has ‘implied’ rights comparable to our Bill of Rights.

      So they don’t really understand the American Constitutional framework, natively, because theirs is so different.)

      • Paul Koning says:

        “Different” is putting it politely. The Brits, and I assume the Aussies, don’t really have a Constitution. All they have is a legislature with the power to legislate on anything it wants, no limits of any kind. (Sort of like what Alexander Hamilton wanted for us…)
        It fits the history. If you start with the notion that the king owns everything and everyone, and “rights” are what the king was willing to concede to his inferiors, then this is where you end up. (Note that the Magna Carta that Brits will hold up as an analog of our Constitution is exactly such a grudging concession, and in fact it’s only a concession to the nobility, *not* to any mere civilians.)
        For another example, there is Holland, which appears to have what looks like a constitution — except that it specifically forbids any court from judging the constitutionality of any law. So it in reality it’s just waste paper. I’m glad to be out of there…

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  6. Mehul Kamdar says:

    “22 gauge shotguns.” Love the narration by an anti-gun ignoramus. LOL!

  7. Glenn Bellamy says:

    I like that they think your advocacy prosters are “ads.” They really don’t understand how commerce works.

  8. .454 says:

    She doesn’t even try to refute the argument. Just doesn’t like it. Classic. I was curious what she thought the woman should do instead.

    It’s cliche, but it’s true. “When seconds count, help is only minutes away.”

  9. cybrus says:

    Most of those folks may be adults, but they certainly aren’t grownups – the first being a physical state and the latter being a mental state. It’s difficult for them to comprehend how other people, especially actual children, could protect themselves when are so incapable of doing it themselves. They’re little more than children in adult bodies.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Some are and some aren’t. Even if not fully mature, they deserve the same ability to protect themselves as the rest of us.

      • cybrus says:

        I was talking about the lady, and others like her, in the video who was incapable of understanding that a child actually could defend their home, family, and self.

        I wholeheartedly encourage everyone, regardless of age, to take as much responsibility for themselves and their safety as they can – with whatever tools they’re comfortable using.

  10. Bob Owens says:

    The clueless lawyer from San Francisco needs to find an Appleseed sometime. I can’t speak for all locations, but at the “home range” in Ramseur, NC, we have an number of teenaged shooters male and female that have earned their “instructor-in-training” orange hats that are better with firearms (both in terms of safety and accuracy) than a good number of law enforcement officers and military service people.

    I’m not saying that to denigrate those who serve us in any way, just pointing out that a responsible, dedicated person doesn’t have to be a certain magical age to develop proficiency with a given tool.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      “Robyn Thomas has been the Executive Director of Law Center to Prevent Violence, a national law center dedicated to preventing gun violence, since 2006.”
      I don’t think she’s clueless. She’s found a cushy, well-paid position and she’s milking it for all it’s worth. I’d rate her as mercenary rather than clueless.

      • Rolf says:

        Mercenaries for the enemies are still worth shooting at, though. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Load another poster/slogan and fire away!

    • Poshboy says:

      I always find their arguments disingenuous at best, and completely ignorant at worst. For me, listening to their comments are always good exercises in rhetoric, logic, and refutation. And combining that lack of thought with self-absorbed righteousness makes for a laughable combination when the exchange is over.


      I can understand the arguments put forth by the anti’s “useful idiots.” They can barely argue their way out of a paper bag on any subject, and that’s to be expected from most people. But the theoretically well-educated leadership has to understand that this issue is not in the same league as discussions on the national debt, regulatory reform, or even foreign policy disputes. Gun control is the third rail of politics not because of self-defense or sporting issues–but of national existence. There isn’t another topic today that even comes close to this, with the exception of the lingering wars overseas.

      These people are playing with live ammunition, and the viewpoints they are espousing are in the same category as giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. That’s not a policy dispute–that’s treason.

      I just can’t help but think that they haven’t an ounce of understanding of what they are really doing. And that realization will not come until it’s too late, and at that point it will not really matter what people like this think.

      Actions of patriotic citizens will insure such ideas are permanently relegated into the history books as nothing more than examples of delusional apostasy, handled in the only appropriate way.

  11. MAJMike says:

    The Lib-Cong are pro-choice only when it comes to abortion.

    Why can’t we claim, “My body, my choice, my gun!”?

  12. herddog505 says:

    Some people don’t like your posters: they think that women should call the cops, and that it’s “ridiculous” for a child to defend himself from a hoodlum.

    I say that women shouldn’t have to rely on the police (or peeing on themselves) to protect themselves from a monster, and that children who are properly taught are capable of using a gun competently and with discretion, as most of our not-too-distant ancestors did.

    What sort of a woman is this??? She WANTS women and children to be at the mercy of any hoodlum or psycho who comes along???

    • herddog505 says:

      I should add that any child of mine would learn at an early age to use a gun. As President Jefferson noted:

      “I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprize, and independance to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.”

  13. Rolf says:

    Some people just live in an alternate reality, and their brains don’t work the way a free and independent person’s brain works. Their attitude is that people are NOT competent, and should always rely on “professionals,” with the implicit understanding that all non-government people are never to be considered “professional” or “competent.” Theirs is a world where degrees, certifications, and words are all that count. They are denigrate ideas opposed to their own, especially if it involves actions because they don’t/can’t DO action, but don’t really offer effective alternatives, because any positive claim they make can be shown to be false. They choose to simply ridicule their opponents, planning on getting support from the crowd for their rhetoric and “common sense.”
    For what it’s worth, some of these things (kids and women with guns, doing what you can with what you’ve got, etc.) will get explicitly dealt with in the screenplay I’m posting a bit at a time over at .

  14. Publius says:

    In my experience, liberals/progressives are people who have come to their positions of power and influence largely through verbal skills. These are the people who did well in school: they behaved themselves in class, were rewarded by teachers, and got excellent scores on exams and tests.

    They have created a world in which they are like kings. They dominate government, education, the media — the world is theirs as they have shaped it.

    And it revolves around words. Words are the elites’ weapons, words are their shields, words are their tools and levers for exercising power. Away from the world of words, they feel themselves at a loss and insecure.

    This is why firearms terrify them so completely. Words are utterly useless against a lunatic with a gun. Even when firearms are in the hands of good people (as the elite would define such), bloodshed is still only one little crazy impulse away.

    I’m not sure I can suggest a way to cure this fixation on the elites’ part. One thing that might help is mandatory firearms training in early middle school. Teach everybody how to handle firearms safely.

    However, to get that stage, it’s gonna be a long, long haul.

    • Paul Koning says:

      There’s something in what you say. Then again, there is plenty of power in words on the side of the good guys.
      Oleg is an example. While his photography speaks volumes, he’s no mean writer either (see the “a-human-right” website). And then there are writers like Neil Smith, and Neil Schulman, and many others.
      I think Neil Smith says it best. It isn’t so much that the bad guys have the power of words, but rather that they have seized the power of indoctrination, of brainwashing.

    • Poshboy says:

      I think back to the mid-1990’s samizdat publication The Resister and what the editors wrote about a similar existential dilemma:

      “A piece of paper cannot stop a bullet.”

      Let’s hope firearms education, one socialist at a time, helps them see the light. I know I’ve taken a few to the range. And my signature action–a senior Schumer staffer visiting a Virginia gun show under my tutelage–helped him understand the difference between dealer and private sales. He told me that visit helped him explain the difference in Senate policy meetings.

    • Publius says:

      After all, it took them a century to reach the current stage of dominance. It could take us that length of time to win back the culture, education, etc., etc.

  15. LarryArnold says:

    gun violence
    Here’s the clue. If someone is raped, strangled, beaten, stabbed, choked, etc. it doesn’t count. It isn’t “gun violence.” And shooting isn’t “gun violence” if it’s governmentally sanctioned.

  16. Brad in Nebraska says:

    There is an old saying in the Air Force : You know you are right on the target when you are catching all kinds of flak. Or to to put it really simply Keep upi the good work you are communicating in a way that works & the anti-freedom types know it & are scared.

  17. milquetoast says:

    Rather than showing images from your or they showed it from a Canadian blog post from Nov 2010 (in French) who may not be your biggest fans : “Know your enemy”, “insidious,” “highly pernicious propaganda,” and “profoundly reactionary”

    btw, she isn’t from the “Law Center to Prevent Violence” as you mentioned in the comments but the Legal Community Against Violence which is funded by the Joyce Foundation.

  18. milquetoast says:

    btw Did you notice that at 11:25 she used both hands to make air quotes/scare quotes when she says intruder? One wonders if the Legal Community Against Violence is opposed to shooting intruders while being less concerned about any violence an intruder might commit.

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