So proud of our students…we treat them as morons!

University of Colorado is in the news, but they are hardly exceptional in the typically dismissive and disrespectful treatment of students by colleges. Typical rules of student conduct presume a retarded minor child and not a young adult — or, in the case of graduate students — a fairly mature adult.

The sheer idiocy of the advice given to students cannot be the result of mental retardation on the part of the givers. No person capable of holding a fairly advanced job is that stupid. The condescending, unhelpful advice is an expression of obvious and wanton disrespect for others. College administrators basically hold their paying customers in contempt and even get away with it much of the time.

Do they really believe the tripe about divine intervention by omnipresent police? I highly doubt it. Most likely, they consider a few women raped and beaten to be an acceptable price for maintaining ideological purity.

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  1. Matthew Walker says:

    Raped women are more than just an “acceptable price”. They’re a positive good! Once the balance of the population is afraid (or forbidden) to defend themselves, all crime is good, because frightened voters will sacrifice more liberties to be kept safe.

    • Matthew Walker says:

      …and like redistribution, the genius of that “solution” is that it creates more of the problem it’s supposed to fix. Right-wing anarchist teabaggers would call that a vicious circle, but any virtuous, morally and intellectually superior humanitarian progressive understands that it’s a virtuous circle instead.

  2. says:

    You should combine the two themes:

    University claims they are preparing the “leaders of tomorrow”
    …by encouraging them to wet their pants if attacked.

    Huh. That sounds like a fairly accurate assessment of liberal mindset.

  3. Secret Wars Spiderman costume, I am impressed!

  4. Bear says:

    “No person capable of holding a fairly advanced job is that stupid.”

    Not disagree with your main points — since I do agree — but I’m guessing you haven’t dealt with too many military officers. I had the misfortune to sit in on an Air Farce base command staff meeting, in which a room full of Colonels and a Major General spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how their unit command posts would be able to reach them if they turned their walkie talkies from the primary frequency to a secondary channel. These were Base, Wing, and Air Division commanders.

    To give the general credit, he wasn’t so much arguing as shaking his head in disbelief. And looking towards me for answers.

    In a rare display of tact, I merely suggested they inform Ops that they were leaving the channel and would be on channel 2 before turning the knob.

    A bird Colonel TTW commander asked how to do that.

    So yes, they can be that stupid. But in the UofC case, I’m pretty sure we can chalk it up to evil. Although one might have fun with them by asking, “If these students, who are legal adults, are so immature, irrational, and stupid, why the heck did you admit them to the college? Was that a very bright admissions decision?”

  5. herddog505 says:

    The liberal mindset at work:

    Women, though they are too stupid / panicky to be allowed to be armed, ought to be allowed to serve in line combat units, as police officers, etc.

    I’ve worn the uniform, and I don’t recall it making me magically smarter or more level-headed in a crisis. Maybe the military has special ones for women? Otherwise, how foolish is it to give a woman – a panicky, silly, can’t-figure-out-how-a-complicated-AR-15-works woman – fully automatic arms, rocket launchers, keys to a nuclear missile, etc? Or are they supposed to just wet themselves, cry, vomit, or otherwise disuade enemy soldiers attacking them?

  6. Stuart the Viking says:

    I attended college after serving 6 years in the Marines. To be fair, many of the students that I went to college with did act like unruly, irresponsible children. However, where the “college students can’t be trusted with guns” argument fall flat is that the immature student were the snot-nose fresh-out-of-high school kids who wouldn’t have been old enough to get a permit to carry anyway. They had a few years before they turned 21 in which to grow up and mature. By then, just like everywhere else in public, it would have been perfectly fine for them to own, and carry, firearms for personal protection.


    • Flint says:

      21? Why would someone have to be 21 to defend him/herself?

      In NH, there is no minimum age for carry (parental permission required under 18). I know of 12-year-olds with concealed carry licenses.

      And we have no training requirement, here, either. Nor photos, nor fingerprints, nor expense ($10 for four years) to dissuade folks from carrying.

      Result? We have pretty much the lowest violent crime rate in the Western world. And rarely have any negligent discharges, either.

      If you treat others as responsible members of society, they will, by and large, behave as responsible members of society. Students behave like children in places where they are treated like children.

      • Paul Koning says:

        Precisely. There is no age limit on rights. (The second amendment is not a grant of rights, it’s a prohibition against the government infringing on our natural rights.) Anyone able to understand how to exercise a right may do so. For a precocious child, that may happen at age 8; for a liberal, it might not happen until the 200th birthday…

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  8. Lyle says:

    “University claims they are preparing the “leaders of tomorrow”
    …by encouraging them to wet their pants if attacked.”

    Exactly. If by “leaders of tomorrow” they actually mean “dumbed down, useful authoritarian idiots in the chain of command” then it all suddenly makes perfect sense.

  9. LarryArnold says:

    It has always amazed me that we expect high school dropouts to go to work and be adults, we expect those who just graduate to go to technical school or the military and be adults, then we send the best and brightest off to college and treat them like children for four more years.

    I always picture the college president in front of the Career Fair saying that the graduates can’t be trusted with guns or pocket knives because they’re emotionally immature and spend all their time boozing and having sex, but he hopes the companies will hire them for important jobs.

  10. me says:

    Well, it’s true that there are an awful lot of very stupid people walking around out there. Half of all human beings are of below average intelligence, by definition. And lots of stupid kids with rich daddies who can keep writing the tuition checks end up spending four (or six) years sitting around the frat house living on cheap beer, expensive weed, and Cheetos, and get their Bachelor’s in “diversity studies” so that Mommy can get them hired on for do-nothing government jobs on the “diversity board.”

    I used to have a job scanning and microfilming doctoral dissertations. I saw a lot of clever ideas from clever people in science and engineering. I also saw a lot of brazen bullshit and borderline illiteracy from people getting a Master’s in “womyn’s studies.” Oh, the stories I could tell. (I think it’s a law of nature that the length of the thesis in pages is inversely proportional to its information content) So, yes, there are large numbers of people out there with MA or PhD after their names whom no sane employer would hire to run a cash register in a fast food place. A lot of them work for the government, which explains a great deal.

    The thing is, though, they’re not all drooling subhumans, and some of them are at least trainable. Given so many universities’ nasty habit of recruiting illiterate “wonderful diversities” with IQs of 55 and juvenile felony records as long as your arm to play “foobaw” and “baxitbaw,” American college campuses in the 21st Century can be very, very dangerous places. I certainly wouldn’t set foot on one unarmed, and I wouldn’t ask anyone else to.

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