Getting a handle on the situation

Erin Palette’s tricked out Sub2000 as of November 2012. It had everything that a 9mm carbine needs to be useful except one thing. It lacked an extended charging handle.

Sub2000 has a fairly stiff recoil spring. It’s location and the short charging handle make racking the bolt a bit awkward for me. Enter the solution.

The replacement handle from Twisted industries (scroll down to see it) allows a much better grip on the bolt handle. It still locks into the bolt lock notch, and reduces the pressure on the fingers to make loading and unloading a Sub2000 much easier. I highly recommend this item! Erin does too.

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3 Responses to Getting a handle on the situation

  1. WestonMoss says:

    The bolt operation on the sub2k was my #1 gripe

  2. Foetus says:

    All the accessories kinda ruin the point of having a foldable carbine though.

    • Erin Palette says:

      All the accessories come off quickly enough without tools, should I need to fold it.

      Well, maybe not the flashlight. But that didn’t prevent folding anyway, and regardless has been replaced with a smaller CL-43 light.

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