Two challenges remain.

I have two issues with which I could use help.

The first is my computer — it still has interrupted mouse input, where every so often (sometimes every  few minutes, others every few seconds), the cursor freezes for as little as 1/10 and up to several full seconds, then jumping to where it would have been had the input been uninterrupted.  This happens with several mice and all USB ports which are on different cards. All drivers have been updated. This makes any kind of work very difficult.

The second is the range situation: I need an outdoor range as close to Hermitage, TN as possible. Until April, I had access to a private 200 yard range in Smyrna with really photogenic environment, but that’s no longer in use. I have theoretical access to a farm range an hour North, but with the main owner no longer living there, I feel that I am wearing out my welcome with the caretaker. Also, the drive there and back adds up to two hours per visit. Indoor ranges don’t allow black powder and seldom have lanes over 25 yards. Outdoor public ranges aren’t at all suitable for photography, video or targets other than paper (such as gel for bullet testing or steel). I need to find some place where I could legally shoot and do photography, even if the range is short. I am a polite visitor and don’t leave trash behind or endanger neighbors.

Advice on both of these would be much appreciated.

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  1. Abe says:

    Issue with the mouse might be OS corruption, might need a re-install.

  2. Stephen says:

    Wow OS corruption is pretty heavy handed. Update your video drivers to latest release from manufacturer NOT generic OS drivers.

    Look in your event log for hard drive related error messages.

  3. Jason Coyne says:

    Whats the refresh rate on your monitor? If its not at least 60hz, you will see mouse lag.

    Also, what temp is your computer running at? Use something like hwmonitor or hwinfo. If its running hot make sure you clear your fans/heatsinks out with some canned air.

  4. Jeff says:

    I have similar problems with my mouse. Win7Pro, MS Wireless Mouse 5000 (blue tooth). I have updated drivers until I am blue in the face. OS is fine. I suspect that the problem will vanish when I put an old fashioned wired mouse in the system. Too lazy to actually do that right now.

    I also think that there may be something to the whole surface the mouse sits on. Or not.

  5. Mike says:

    Your cursor problem (given that you’re using correct drivers and have tried multiple mice on multiple USB ports) is likely an interrupt problem or an overall performance problem.

    1) Check performance using Resource Monitor and look for differences between times that things are fine and when the mouse is stuttering, especially in Overview>CPU, Overview>Disk I/O, and Overview>Memory>Hard Faults/sec and Used Physical Memory. If there’s a significant difference start looking for causes among running processes.

    2) If that doesn’t reveal a culprit, unplug EVERYTHING from your computer other than power, monitor, mouse and keyboard and see if the problem recurs. If it doesn’t, something you have plugged into the computer is likely the culprit.

    3) If that doesn’t work you may need to reinstall the OS.

  6. Rodger Young says:

    Oleg, have you tried posting in the TN hometown forum on

  7. Kristophr says:

    Are you using a wired mouse? Bluetooth input devices are always going to have issues with interference. I also don’t like them from a security standpoint, and would never use a bluetooth keyboard for entering passwords, since they can be easily harvested by some a-hole with a can-tennae.

    Using a PS/2 port may be a problem, since that is being depreciated. If you are still doing that, I suggest a motherboard upgrade, with input devices on USB, and using SATA for moving data.

  8. Kristophr says:

    Another question is what OS are you using?

    I use LINUX for normal internet use, and have a separate PC for non-internet stuff ( with a OS appropriate for the software needed for the task ).

    Using only LINUX, with an encrypted drive, for internet stuff avoids most security issues.

  9. Red says:

    You have access to almost 20 private acres in Chatsworth GA. 30-45 mins from CHA. I know that’s not super close on your end but it is an option, and there is indoor plumbing.

  10. J. Smathers says:

    1. Make sure ALL your drivers are up to date, not just the input peripheral ones.

    2. If your problem still persists, start disconnecting/removing anything tertiary. That includes semi-important peripherals, including sound cards. I once had a similar problem, only it was my video card bogging down in the middle of video games – and low and behold, it was my sound card hogging system resources and then eventually bottlenecking the system when performance on it hit rock bottom during overheating/overuse.

    Another time I resolved a friend’s problem with a laggy mouse & harddrive by actually finding out that his particular arrangement of USB plugs was causing a memory issue (there were a limited numbers of addresses for certain plugs, most importantly some that the hd wanted to use). In this case, the problem was resolved by simply switching the plugs around for several different devices.

    3. Always MANUALLY uninstall drivers if you are installing new ones to resolve a problem. (Right Click) [Start Button] > [Device Manage] > (Find and expand the applicable category, in this case ‘Mice and other point devices’), (Right Click) [Uninstall]. Then install the newer/manufacturer’s driver.

    4. If all those things and everyone else’s suggestions don’t work, install OS updates, defrag the harddrive, restart. Maybe even consider disabling random, unused devices in device manager (it’s how I identified the previously mentioned issue). The second it starts acting up again, scuttle the important data (data files, photos/videos, configs, etc) then install a full suite of pistol caliber sanity protection. Preferably something of larger cross section, like .45 or .50 caliber.

    Jason Coyne – the first point you make couldn’t be much further from the truth. People used mice of all sorts on 24/29/30hz monitors for decades and refresh rate was never the source of a visible latency issue. If frames are getting held up, then frames are getting held up; Video card or other processor problems, not the monitor. If you were to manually force dissimilar refresh rates, maybe, but not on a PC and monitor made in the last thirty years…

  11. Lyle says:

    Move to Idaho?

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