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Old infrared portraits

False color IR. B&W conversion.

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Brown Bess and another surly wench

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Cool vz58 tshirts

If you like vz58 rifles, this tshirt is for you: Get it from Czechpoint.  

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Browning Black Label 1911-380: new on AllOutdoor

The combat-ready Bantam

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Can we compromise with anti-gun activists?

Let’s look at one of the simplest, least powerful guns on the market, a Crickett Hunter. Manually cocked bolt action design dates back to 1820s, nearly two hundred years ago. Rimfire ammunition is uses postdates the action by only twenty … Continue reading

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Ballistic questions about pistol caliber carbines

Has anyone tried 60-95 grain bullets in 9mm Luger from carbines? What kind of accuracy, external and terminal ballistics should I expect? Has anyone shot 22TCM into gelatin from a rifle? Photos? I should have a chance to test these … Continue reading

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A rifle for Valentine’s Day?

Henry Firearms says: “Consider this American Beauty as a present for your lady.” A pretty good thought, in my opinion. Just make sure to include some ammunition with it. See Henry site for the close-up of the receiver engraving. And … Continue reading

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What’s more scary?

A smiling redhead? Or the clip-fed 9mm revolver, the favorite fodder of pulp novel writers of the 1970s, in her hand? Photo for Kangaroo Carry.  

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