A rifle for Valentine’s Day?

Henry Firearms says: “Consider this American Beauty as a present for your lady.” A pretty good thought, in my opinion. Just make sure to include some ammunition with it.

See Henry site for the close-up of the receiver engraving. And yes, the sight picture she has is correct for the degree of the stock drop. The young lady in the photos is very good rifleman.


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2 Responses to A rifle for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Clifford Clingan says:

    Wow … what a sweet present for a sweet looking lady … Very nice, and generous, of Henry Arms to do this.
    QUESTIONS (2): Do you get many presentation pieces like this (envy is an awful thing,) … and can you tell me if the Boberg 45 caliber Pocket Pistol is in production? Also, must mention I’m a great fan of the photos you occasionally post on Facebook.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Presentation pieces are unusual for me, but I’ve worked with engraved guns before. Showing the detail is quite a challenge, especially in field use photos. XR45-S is in production and is everything it was hoped to be: accurate, low in recoil and higher in velocity than other subcompact 45s.

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