A point worth re-visiting.

The only question worth asking about any gun control push is: “What’s their end goal?” The answer is usually a subjugation of a disarmed people along with imprisonment or extermination of defenseless dissidents. Sometimes disarmament is pushed along ethnic, religious or political lines. More often, it’s government on a warpath against the governed.

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  1. SMLE says:

    If just 10% of the 6 million Jews who died had killed just one German soldier apiece, that would have been 600,000 causalities.

  2. Paul Koning says:

    I recently watched the movie “Sarah’s Key” (recommended, by the way). It starts with over ten thousand Parisian jews being rounded up and imprisoned in a bicycle race track building, by French collaborator police (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vel'_d'Hiv_Roundup for more).
    What struck me watching those scenes is the strangeness of a few dozen cops intimidating many thousands of prisoners, in a building with no meaningful physical security (unlike, say, a prison). If the prisoners had been armed and willing to defend themselves, this could not have happened. But in fact, even unarmed it could not have happened if they had not been indoctrinated into submission to authority, even criminal authority.
    The same goes for many other places in most other dictatorships: the bad guys stay in power in substantial part due to the passivity of most of their victims. I suppose the fact that the victims are unarmed is, to some extent, a consequence of their passivity rather than only due to the existence of gun ban laws.

    • HSR47 says:

      It isn’t entirely passivity for it’s own sake; The issue of collaborators can play a big role too.

      Using force to resist government tends to get the government to actively fight back; Since governments tend to employ a lot of men with guns, that means that any successful use of force against government will by necessity be a group effort.

      Thus enter snitches and other collaborators; By their very nature, you never know who they are — they could be your neighbors. Thus, if you don’t know who you can trust, then the very type of networking necessary for active resistance becomes extremely risky.

      Why bother resisting if even talking about doing so put you in the sights of a government hit-squad?

  3. Foundersfan says:

    The gun owning population of America is not so passive. Nor are we ignorant of histories lessons.

    • Paul Koning says:

      No indeed. The trouble is how to get the non-gun-owning portion of the population across that hurdle. I bounced around some email with an author friend, who points out that a lot of this is mindset, the “warrior attitude”, and that a large portion of the population has been taught a defenseless attitude instead. As Martin Seligman put it, “learned helplessness”. It’s the goal of big government advocates worldwide, and it’s been widely and effectively taught in many schools.

  4. JimM says:

    I’d like to be able to post this, and maybe others, on Facebook. I don’t have a way to do it other than posting the link. The photo is very impressive. Possibly you do not want your things posted? I respect that.

  5. Ken K says:

    Doesn’t the model have her sling under her ammo belt? Looks weird.

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