Good government is like a strong immune system.

It protects the body from external aggression. What most countries actually have is a raging case of auto-immune disorder, with the putative protector preying on the members of its own body.

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3 Responses to Good government is like a strong immune system.

  1. Tony Lekas says:

    And in addition, unlike an immune system, government can attack those outside the country without a valid reason. An external-immune disorder.

  2. Lyle says:

    I would offer only one correction. All, not most, countries have that disease. The differences are only a matter of degree. The American founders knew this very well, and sought to minimize the problem, but of course they also knew that a moral society would be necessary to keep the immune system healthy. Since each of us has the same disease individually to some extent, we shouldn’t be surprised to see that the country as a whole has it also. The latter flows from the former.

    So I suppose another correction is necessary. Each of us constitutes a cell in said immune system, and our country has A.I.D.S. Not only is America’s immune system attacking normal body cells, it’s attacking the immune system itself, plus other cells are attacking each other. So I’ll add another layer; we have an autoimmune disease, we have A.I.D.S. and we have a metastatic cancer.

  3. Loog Moog says:

    ‘Good Government’, though a laudable ideal, is an oxymoron, due to the limitations of human nature. Hence the need for eternal vigilence, and the capability of self-defence.

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