A very functional lightweight

At the beginning, AR15 was supposed to be a lightweight carbine. MAG Tactical brought the concept back with AIR15, a carbine that’s under 4.5 pounds with the sight. While it ships with two Magpul 30-rounder, I handed it to my guest with a 20-rounder, updated but still similar to the original 1960s straight box magazine.

Judging by Maria‘s smile, she likes the handling.

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3 Responses to A very functional lightweight

  1. JoeS says:

    Thanks for the info on the rifle but it took me a few seconds to notice the rifle. Your friend has the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen. Simply stunning.

  2. BillCa says:

    Just curious. Oleg, what weight do you think is ideal for a 5.56mm carbine or rifle?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Depends on the purpose, but I find 6.5lb guns to be about right once optics, suppressor, ammo, laser and backup sights are added. Bullpups can be slightly heavier.

      This AIR15 is a specialized model that would work for teens, small women, people with limited upper body strength.

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