Recoil in sub-compact 45ACP pistol

Recently, I had a chance to fire a few rounds through one of the Boberg XR45-S prototypes. It’s a controlled-feed bullpup pistol with 3.75″ barrel is a short 5.77″ slide. I wrote about it in detail earlier.

For scale, Sarah is about 5’1″ and under 100 pounds.

Subjective impression from firing 230-gr ball ammunition: about the same as shooting 9mm 147gr subsonics through CZ75 Compact. Slightly more muzzle rise, slightly less push against the palm. I could fire a hundred rounds without tiring. Considering how subcompact M1911s with shorter 3-inch barrels jump on recoil, this is quite an accomplishment. The pistol is fractionally larger than the 9mm version and less pocketable, so I’d like to see it available with a longer slide. It’s already available with extended barrels, but those don’t increase the sight radius. A version similar to 9L, with roughly a 4.45″ barrel would be my top choice, but this current variant is still quite nice. Better performance than the traditional micro 45s, and rated for 45 Super.

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2 Responses to Recoil in sub-compact 45ACP pistol

  1. Mike Miller says:


    Earlier, young Sarah was sporting a Sykes, now she has a USMC Kabar on the hip. If she pulls out an original chopped ’03 bayonet, I’ll be impressed enough to marry her.


    • Oleg Volk says:

      She likes fixed blades. I have not seen the short ’03 on her, but I’ve seen plenty of other interesting knives. I would have done a feature, except she’s a private person when it comes to some of her blade preferences.

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