A better sight for the Little Badger

Putting the MARS on the little single-shot .22 was a joke. The sight was too big and it sat much too high over the bore. The little Lucid M7 is smaller and much cheaper and so a closer match to the survival rifle. It’s still waterproof and the dot-circle reticle allows for rough ranging and bullet drop compensation.

The other recipient for the sight is Barrett REC7 in 6.8mm. The rifle feels very light but that’s mostly the result of a good balance. It’s not front heavy like too many ARs.

The riser has standard Picatinny rails on top, so it can be used for any compatible sight, not just the M7. Personally, I think that the new HD7 with capped turrets would be more appropriate for the AR, but I’ll have to post the photos of that later.

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8 Responses to A better sight for the Little Badger

  1. Christopher J Hoffman says:

    Cool little .22! The riser is too high on the AR. Wouldn’t get a good cheek weld with it.

  2. That Little Badger looks really handy, actually. Reminds me of the AR-7.

    I might buy one if they made a non-quad rail variant.

  3. Bob in Houston says:

    I just wish the Badger came in 22 mag or 22 hornet, wouldn’t mind a .410 barrel under there either since Springfield no longer produces the M6 Scout.

  4. Linoge says:

    But it was a funny joke ;).

    Sadly, the MARS sight was not funny, but still a joke… Have you been able to sort what that pressure switch was supposed to accomplish?

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