“Fight like a real man”

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3 Responses to “Fight like a real man”

  1. TCHall says:

    At 60 (well a couple of weeks left really) my only remaining martial art study is “Bang Fu” with some grappling techniques, blocks, kicks, and yells… then punctuated by loud noises until the opponent submits, leaves the field, or otherwise ceases being a threat…

    At my age I really can’t be expected to risk a fall, wrestle with someone who could pull off my arms and beat me with them, or even appear undignified in public!!!

  2. Ish says:

    I don’t want to “fight like a real man,” I want to fight light a Homo sapiens. We’re an odd species of primate, noted for our well developed brains, making us capable of abstract reasoning, problem solving, tool use and social learning.

    Abstract reasoning tells us random violence is a problem, we’ve solved that problem by developing numerous tools over the centuries. One of the most effective tools we’ve come up with is the firearm. In free societies, H. sapiens will learn the proper use of this tool.

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