Which gun for a lady?

Both vz58 and “Pure Estrogen” AR15 are light, short and have good triggers. Neither has much kick. On the other hand, the last couple of women I encountered favored M1A, SKS and FS2000…so much for trying pick shoes, handbags and rifles for other people!

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7 Responses to Which gun for a lady?

  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    My wife loves my M1 carbine, the short stock fits her short stature and light and handy to carry – she enjoys it very much. Just wish it were cheaper to feed.

  2. Fakia says:

    Another vote for the M1 carbine. Darn handy little rifle.

    It’s hard to beat a nice hot pink AR pistol with a Sig Brace, a purple anodized rail system and a Hello Kitty ACOG though. 🙂

  3. BillCa says:

    J.R. took my comment. The M1 Carbine makes a dandy little CQB weapon and even more so with a folding stock.

    The advantage of the AR platform is that it can be had in so many useful calibers. From the 5.56 with light to heavy bullets, 6.8, 300 AAC, up to .458 Socom. And now hybrids that allow you to switch from 5.56 to 7.62×39 with AK mags. It’s hard not to recommend it.

    Then again, until her health failed, a friend’s mother relied on her 20-gauge Remington “youth” Model 870 for 30 years after her husband died. Watching a 73 year old shoot skeet very well with a 21″ barreled 20-gauge was a bit of a humility lesson. No nonsense with her – she used #2 buckshot for home defense.

  4. Sean says:

    My grandmother carried or possessed Smith and Wesson model 10s until she went into an assisted living place. A 4inch in the night stand and 2inch in her purse. I have both now. My grandfather prefered a 1911. I have that as well as both are long gone.
    The ex prefered a CZ75 , or an EAA Witness polymer in 9mm. She also prefered a lever gun as her long rifle choice. She loved a beater 30/30 her grandfather gave her.
    My sister in law carried a Glock until she shot my CZ75. Then she bought a Rami to carry.
    My best friends mother always had a Colt Detective Special with her. And a 12 gauge in the closet. She’s pushing 80 now, so she is down to the Colt. Can’t handle the pump anymore.

  5. Precision270 says:

    I think the correct answer, the one she likes.

    But you are correct, our (your) VP has no idea what guns are good for women. My women enjoys her AR shooting 77gr bergers as well as our 270 Win shooting 130 gr bullets. She neck shot a doe at 210 yards with it, so I don’t think recoil anticipation is an issue.

    I will say she is not fond of the Mosin 91/30, but she will shoot it and hit minute of goblin at 100 yds with the old iron sights.

    I think her favorite was the Keltec RFB (308) in 18″ barrel trim, followed by the Keltec KSG running 1 3/4″ mini buckshot shells.

    • Paul Koning says:

      I think our VP believes that no gun is good for a women (or, for that matter, for a man). Which I suppose is true for any person as stupid as he is.

  6. James says:

    Glasses really suit the lady with the Armalite.

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