Bullets and bacon.

Every so often, some genius of strategy suggests using bullets dipped in pig fat to scare Islamic opponents. If history is any indication, deliberate or even accidental insensitivity to the religious views of others is a recipe for trouble. For example, Enfield rifle cartridges as the proximate cause of the Indian Mutiny. As for scaring the foes by threatening to bury them in pig skins, that impressed them no differently than the threat to piss on the American flag would impress you. Rage, not fear is the likely result.

The other purpose of desecrating the enemy living or dead is improving the morale of your own troops. But some of our troops and many of our allies are Muslim, even if belonging to other sects. So the practice is extremely counterproductive.

The key to effective warring against religious crazies is to ignore their religion. The British made no effort to counter-preach against the Mahdi. They simply wiped out his men with cannon and machine guns for the same reasons they had killed other hostile tribesmen: to establish control of a territory and to avenge the earlier deaths of British soldiers. Religion had nothing to do with it, and the war certainly wasn’t acknowledged as a conflict of faiths. It was a conflict of modern against the primitive and presented as such with no apologies. Similarly, in the suppression of the Boxer rebellion, the mystical aspects of the uprising were ignored and the believers in their own bulletproof nature were shot dead with efficiency.

So I would recommend limiting the reasons for warring on the people who may be Muslim to the same reasons used for warring on atheists or people of other faiths: murder, kidnapping and the like. Validating other people’s claim that America is warring on Islam in general is not just unhelpful, it actually does the enemy’s recruiting for them.

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    • DonM says:

      I was always amused that some Muslims and Hindus of the Sepoy rebellion had such a problem with using the new bullets as soldiers, but didn’t have a problem using them as rebels.

      I guess like anyone else, those people were not logically consistent either.

  1. Yeah. People act as if Muslims are monolithic. After all, Christians are prohibited from having premarital sex, so none of them do, right? And burning their Bible would send them straight to hell.

    Expecting all Muslims to act the same, or accept responsibility for terror, is like expecting Baptists to act like Mormons, and take responsibility for the abuse of children by Catholic priests.

    • Desiree Arceneaux says:

      My experience has been that it’s all too often the *exact same people* who will argue one day that Christians have no moral duty whatsoever to disavow anything bad done by other Christians, and the next that all Muslims should be held collectively responsible for terrorists because “the supposedly moderate ones don’t disavow terrorism aggressively enough to satisfy me”.

      The double standard is really, REALLY strong.

  2. steve l says:

    Wasting bacon grease as bullet lube I’ll grant is not a sound tactic, but I can see some utility in planting doubt in the mind of would be martyrs that their passage to paradise might be imperiled somehow. The Indian Mutiny shows that denials can affect the conspiracy minded, so I’d have no problem with a strongly worded statement from the French president that the Parisian jihadis will most certainly not be buried with ham.

  3. Ray says:

    But we ARE at war with Islam; And it is a war of genocide. The Koran teaches that it is the duty of every Muslim to “put unbelievers to the sword” . They WILL kill every man, woman and child in our civilization if we refuse to understand and accept the FACT that as long we allow one single Muslim to exist, they will continue to hunt and kill us in the name of the prophet. To continue to preach “tolerance” is suicide. Right now YOU : EVERY ONE OF YOU; Is being actively hunted by Islam. EVERY Jew. EVERY Christian. EVERY Pagan. It is the religious duty of every last one of the Muslims on earth to hunt you down and kill you. Book burning, pig fat, blood ,”Tolerance”” understanding” and “inclusiveness” will do exactly NOTHING to change any of this. Nukes and Nerve Gas on the other hand WILL make positive change in the “Muslim community” and its the ONLY thing that ever will. Islam is the modern NAZI party . We kill all of them or they kill all of us. THEY will not chose a third way.

    • Eric Wilner says:

      Thing is: the label “Muslim” covers quite a spectrum.
      At one end, there are the genocidal maniacs.
      At the other, there are the ones who are Muslim because it was good enough for Grandpa, and whose religious observance consists of personally abstaining from pork and shellfish.
      I suggest that most of them are nearer the “good enough for Grandpa” end of the spectrum. They’re not at war with us, and we have no need to be at war with them.
      A complication arises because many of the non-fanatics are susceptible to the old “ve know you haff relatives living in Europe” style of coercion. If civilization can’t protect them (and their relatives living overseas), the terrorists can and will rule them by force.
      No, I don’t have an answer… but the notion that all Muslims are at war with all the rest of us (as well as with all the Muslims of different sects!) leads in entirely the wrong direction.

      • Frank Ch. Eigler says:

        It is no defence of islam (or other ideologies) that many of its practitioners don’t carry out all of its instructions.

    • Rolf says:

      That is why I proposed a way to clarity the situation here:
      Needing Clarity. Not everyone, in or outside of the Islamic faith community, sees the situation for what it is. This sort of legal decision needs to get settled, and this is one way to do it.

    • RegT says:

      These folks just don’t get it. It’s really quite simple. ISIS is islam come out of the closet. The true face of orthodox islam. Obama refuses to admit it, but it is a fact, nonetheless. There is not a single thing that ISIS does that it is not commanded to do by the Qu’ran and Hadiths.

      islam is not a religion, it is a cult pretending to be a religion, using that fact for the benefits, privileges and protections that the West provides for religions (unless you are a Christian – no protections or privileges for _you_, buddy).

      The world – and America – will not be safe from muslims until it is understood that “islam” does not mean “peace”. It literally translates as “submission” and will accept no less than total submission from everyone. Even then, most of those who submit will be killed or enslaved (yes, sex slaves, too).

      Those who call themselves muslims who do not follow the commands of the Qu’ran and behave like ISIS are actually apostates. They are hated even more by orthodox muslims who are commanded – again by the Qu’ran – to kill them than they hate infidels. There are _some_ “quiet”, non-violent muslims, but they are simply using taqqiya (lying, deception) to appear peaceful until such time as they are present in their location in high enough numbers to behave as true muslims do. Again, the Qu’ran directs them to use this deception when necessary to infiltrate a country or community, until it is safe to rise up and follow the true islam.

      One day this will become obvious to all of the progressives and their fellow travelers, when they face the same treatment the staff of Charlie Hebdo received.

  4. precision270 says:

    the calls for dipping bullets in bacon, the calls for burying muslim terrorists in caskets lined with pigshit and bacon grease, the calls for all types of in your face disrespectful desecration are a symptom. They are a symptom of the perceived impotence created by the half assed appeasement efforts made by our elected officials. They are a symptom of the citizenry who KNOW how to deal with a bully not being allowed to deal with said bully in an effective manner.

    It matters not what we do to the “martyrs” as they are immune to the “effects” of desecration according to their “religion”.

    I say double the percentage of GDP spent on GWOT. I say offer enhanced GI Bill to those who volunteer to root out this evil where it lives and breeds. Put these people in brigades and regiments designed specifically for this job. I say offer letters of Marqui for privateers to ply the seas off Somalia etc and offer a significant bounty (and the opportunity to accomplish the mission) for Muslim terrorists (and pirates).

    But most importantly, relax the citizen gun laws across the civilize world. If good men (and women) are given the opportunity to stand up and protect themselves (in the moment) a lot of this will disappear.
    Terrorist attempts to take over Kosher deli.

    Ishmail Goldstein draws his Glock 19 and opens fire as the two AK-47 wielding terrorists enter the building. Mr. Goldstein’s first shot hits the bald brother in the gut, his second shot flies a bit higher and shatters his left shoulder . Unfortunately, th due to the terrorist’s poor trigger discipline, the shot to the gut causes the terrorist to grab his trigger. One of the unaimed bullets hits Mr. Goldstein in the chest. The second terrorist, dives behind a end cap of Kvelte fish and returns fire.

    The uninjured terrorist pauses his fire upon seeing Mr. Goldstein on the ground. As he scrambles to check on his brother, Jean Paul Epstein draws his compact CZ 75 and carefully edges around the refrigerated case he dove behind. Seeing one Ak 47 several feet away from a down terrorist and the second terrorist occupied, he raises his pistol and aims center mass. Cap, cap, cap with two bullets slamming into the remaining terrorists chest. Jean Paul dives behind his cover to wait for return fire. After what seems like forever, he peers out again, to see no movement other then a slowly growing puddle of blood.

    This is an appropriate response to terrorism.

    • WiseCaveOwl says:

      1) get bloody Israel off America’s back

      2) get US troops out of the middle east, that is, give up the petrodollar

      c) close America’s borders

      ———> problem solved. And what the ragheads and the socialists are doing to each other in decadent Europe is also none of our business

      • DonM says:

        Not sure how preventing Mexican illegal aliens from crossing has much effect on radical Muslims.

        Again, it is tough to distinguish between people who want to kill you, and people who want to help you.

        To retain moral authority, you have to do that. To be human you have to do that. For every problem there is a solution that is neat, simple and dead wrong.

  5. Michael says:

    These MUSLIM SAVAGES were motivated by HATRED, CONTEMPT and INTOLERANCE for all that is not their particular flavor of islam. Pussyfooting around the issue and attempting to call it something else does nothing but encourage more of the same behavior. The perpetrators loudly proclaimed they were murdering in the name of islam. Why do so many insist on denying this very obvious fact? What they did is exclusively based on a perverted religious ideology called Islam. One that pointy headed academia, the misguided media and spineless politicians persist on excusing. The muslim community a whole has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to eliminate these barbarians from their midst. At best they have justified the actions of these savages, more usually they encourage and celebrate them. If there is one thing that stands out about islam is its INTOLERANCE and DISDAIN for others who do not share their views. To ignore this and blindly promote diversity in the name of tolerance to make one self feel good only ads fuel to the flames and signs a suicide pact with these savages. Have muslims become more tolerant? Not hardly.
    The root of the word diversity is division, as in to split asunder and separate. And the country’s name us not “The Diverse States of America”, the name is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Thus the emphasis needs to be on assimilation and making all immigrant assimilate. And I say that as an immigrant myself. We must ensure these stone age barbarians fear not assimilating. They need to be made to feel shame for having anything to do with this perverted death cult. But instead for no other purpose than the need for profane narcissism, a large segment of society, centered around academia, politics and press insist on promoting this hedonistic feel good misguided ideology of diversity, molly coddling these murderers and the community that fostered them. And now in typical asinine fashion they reveal their gutless attitudes with a moronic response to this brutality by all tweeting in unison “I am Charlie” as if somehow their infantile chorus will make the problem go away. How fucking spineless is that? Not one of these so called peaceful muslims has done one thing to eliminate this shit from their own midst. In the best of circumstances they have excused the terrorist acts and at worst they have celebrated and subsidized them. This behavior is culturally engrained and they refuse to even speak out against it, for they know that if they do they will be the first to suffer the consequences. Ten million so called peaceful muslims are irrelevant for they have done absolutely nothing to stop the problem. That makes them the root the problem. So long as the responsibility for these heinous acts is not placed directly upon the Muslim community they will continue perpetrating them.
    Try this one on for size.

  6. Alex Lund says:

    I assume my comment will be censored, but I try anyway.

    Why do we not ask the muslims about how to stop jihad and terrorism?

    You see, someone did.

    The Israeli Journalist Yaron Svoray travelled through the muslim community in Germany 2001/2002 and asked them how to stop jihad, terrorism and so on.

    He got two answers.

    The first: Give us your women. As long as we have …(you know what a man and a woman do in the dark) there is no war, no jihad no nothing. The world will be at peace.

    The second answer: Sippenhaft.

    The article was published in the US-Edition of Playboy 03/2002. I scanned it. It is eight pages in pdf.

    To Mr Oleg Volk: If you want to have the pdf files in Hand before Publishing my comment, no Problem. Mail me and I sent them.

    • Rolf says:

      You touch on part of the genius / evil of the details of Islam. By allowing more than one wife (which usually get married off to older, richer, and more well-connected men), prohibiting sex outside of marriage, and promising rewards in the afterlife, you absolutely guarantee a large and continually replenished supply of sexually frustrated young single men with few prospects if they cannot take wives by force. In other words, it’s designed to create legions of highly incentivized cannon fodder. It’s not a “warrior” culture, it’s a raiding culture. It’s not designed to create or channel productive strengths, it’s designed to inflame hatreds and divisions, to direct frustrations outward to take, not inward to build.

  7. Ole'Wolf says:

    I’m troubled by saying this- but one western leader DID turn back Muslim armies on more than one occasion. When the enemy sees 20K or so impaled bodies with the bodies of Muslim soldiers they sometimes knew right up front certainly worked for Vlad Dracul. An Israeli speaker at a conference years ago made the statement that you can defeat terrorist if you have the guts to use tactics so extreme that you terrorize them. My greatest fear is what will have to happen to the west to force us to that extreme.
    For the record, there are very blood and guts suggestions for dealing with non-believers in the Old Testament as well.
    I’ve lived in the middle east for two years one in 1985 and then 1990, I found the average Arab on the street to be little different from people I lived among in Korea, Germany, Iceland OR America. Oh different languages, different religion, different food, strange ideas, customs, and habits- but Mom’s and Dad’s wanted their kids to grow up and do better than they were, damnear to a person wanted those kids to go to America or France or Germany to go to University, hated the extremists, and couldn’t understand why America didn’t like them.
    As a people we’re coming t a focal point in history… do we become terrorist ourselves and obliterate a people or fold and let Sharia rule? Ironically the middle road is largely being ignored by all.

  8. Jim R says:


  9. revjen45 says:

    But….but…but I just bought a case of Remington 12 gauge Special Muslim loads – #00 buck & bacon bits. Does this mean they aren’t special after all? I’ve been ripped off!!

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