Personal weapons can be quite personal.

Back: my stock CZ SP01.  Front: friend’s custom SP01 with a trigger job and slightly less somber finish. I went to the store with CZ75SA in mind, ended up getting SP01 because it felt perfect in the hand. 75SA came home with me slightly later.

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7 Responses to Personal weapons can be quite personal.

  1. Sean says:

    I just sold my CZ Sa. I just shot the regular one more. And new tires and brakes were more important.

  2. Bob G says:

    Great pic! Love the CZ pistols, of all flavors.

    Re the friend’s SP01: I hope he or she refreshes the finish. It’s really a dramatic look. As long as it still looks like a gun, not a toy, I’m all for unusual colors. It makes me think of Ninja’s bright yellow M4 in the movie “Chappie”.

    • Linoge says:

      All of the “wear” visible on this side, except around the trigger guard, was painted on. The cerakoting isn’t holding up quite as well as I had hoped in other places, but that’s basically a new paint job you’re looking at.

  3. BillCa says:

    The only CZ that fits my hand well is the P-01 and it’s on my short list for the next purchase. Between color anodizing and products like Cerakote, today one can create a gun in colors to suit their tastes. I suspect someone in the industry will realize this and we’ll start seeing them from the factory in model-year colors, sort of like cars.

    Meanwhile, I’ve thought about color-coding the controls on some pistols used for training novices. Things like coloring the trigger, hammer and safety in red, slide-lock in light blue and the magazine release in green. All the parts that can make it go bang are in red.

  4. Chris M says:

    I was visiting with my local gun dealer yesterday, talking about what was selling and what wasn’t. He mentioned CZ pistols as being very hard to find because their owners never seemed to trade them in for anything else after first acquiring them. I laughed and told him that I expected my P01 would be the last 9mm I’ll own — it points instinctively, the difference between its DA and SA action isn’t extreme enough to matter, and it’s light enough to comfortably carry IWB all day.

  5. Ray says:

    I love the way CZ makes firearms, they are as good as any on the planet. I don’t own one for the same reason I pass on the Glock and SIG. The damn grips are too big for my little girly hands. It makes me cock my wrist around to reach the trigger and then I can’t hit squat. Its why I carry a 1911A1 with a flat MS housing.

  6. Linoge says:

    The internal work was done by Cajun Gun Works and the external was done by Bunker Arms, both highly recommended.

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