Custom Knives by Nikolay.

My friend Nikolay makes awesome knives. I have a few of them here and just got done with the photos. Each one is unique, made of different materials and for different purposes. They are all for sale — and if you do not see something you like, email him directly. He does make knives and other tools to order. I carry one often and it holds the edge extremely well. These one-of-a-kind knives make great, memorable gifts.

Please indicate which knives you’d like. Photos on this page are numbered 1 through 12, each image also has a unique photo number. Shipping within continental US would be $12 no matter how many you buy. Use Paypal ( or send checks to:

Nikolay Yermolenko
3706 Hull Neck Rd
Heathsville, VA 22473

PS: Some of the photos are no longer loading for me and re-building them in Gallery isn’t working. Are all twelve knife photos visible to you?

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18 Responses to Custom Knives by Nikolay.

  1. Swords too? They’re just like extra large knives ;). I have a few ideas in mind if he’s willing.

    Disavowed With Honor

  2. Michael says:

    Dibs on #3/jpeg1146 & #11/jpeg1031

  3. Buckaroo says:

    Too cheap for that quality a blade!

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I concur but N. is setting the prices. Knowing how much know-how and labor went into making them, I view these as an awesome holiday bargain.

  4. John says:

    I would like to buy 1011.

  5. Pat Udenberg says:

    I’ll take #5, will pay pal shortly

  6. Scott says:

    Beautiful and on edge.
    I would like to buy: #2 and #5 and #9.

    Thank you

    • Oleg Volk says:

      #5 got bought four minutes before your post. Ask Nikolay if he can make another one for you. #2 and #9 will be sent to you as soon as you provide Nikolay with payment and me with your mailing address.

  7. Lyle says:

    I have twelve photos including the last one with is a box of 223 ammunition.

    Those are nice looking knives.

  8. CamTec says:

    Your photo of him examining the knife is excellent.

  9. Nathaniel says:

    I’d like to claim #7 and I’ll be in touch with Nikolay.

  10. Sammy Taylor says:

    I would like to purchase the last, nikolay_knife_bone_1014.jpg

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Noted. Please convey payment to Nikolay and let me know your shipping address.

      • Sammy Taylor says:

        I have emailed him asking if he has any others available now. If so I might add to the order. Will let you know and make payment when he has replied.

  11. Matthew says:

    Are any of the knives still available? I want knife number 2 or 8. Thanks

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