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This week at the Roman encampment, the legionnaires trained for battle

Sideways backup sights came in later in the course. They allow accurate firing under vehicles. Others had BUIS either in line with red dots or at 45* angle for faster deployment. Chipmunk rifle scope actually comes with a rangefinding reticle. … Continue reading

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The origin of “One hundred heads” meme

The Grave of the Hundred Head by Kipling was recently referenced in a post about possible forceful responses to government abuses. However, we may want to keep in mind that Kipling wrote about revenge exacted against a local population by … Continue reading

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American gun owners — a paper tiger?

I was thinking about the hundred heads promised for Mike Vanderbough. Though most of the eighty victims of Waco Massacre had surviving friends and family, and the event received wide publicity, I don’t know of a single case of revenge … Continue reading

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Time travel? Nazi personnel shows up in the US.

TSA troops now accosting people at locations other than airports, giving the lie to the advice to “avoid flying if you don’t want to be molested”. What is the difference between this and  this? American airports already resemble this scene: … Continue reading

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Definition of being rich.

Sometimes, I am rich. Not always, but I was rich yesterday. I had more of what I wanted than I actually needed — my sole constraint being the 24/7 limit of available time shared by all. I had more storage … Continue reading

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M39 Finnish Mosin

Shown with a typical Finnish marksman. For those who hand-load 7.62x54R for maximum accuracy, I recommend my friend John’s Western Bullet Co. as the source of reloadable brass. Most .312 bullets work well in these.

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Actress Manu Toigo checking her email

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Ally at Cafe Bosna with friends. That restaurant has become my favorite place — it’s run by good people who craft superb food. Call ahead if you want apple strudel, they only make it every so often.

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Seeking freedom!

Gremlin already learned to unlock and open regular doors, but the sliding door is too heavy for him to handle.

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Brian Barbarossa

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Other equipment details

AXTS receiver, Aimpoint M3 in a Bobro QD mount, Magpul BUIS, QD sling and rail sling adapter, Rainier Arms upper, Samson rail (exclusive to Rainier EVO series). Below, Magpul Pmag in a Bladetech mag holder. In addition to the two … Continue reading

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Dragon Leather holster for Glock 19/23


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Other people’s photo shoots

I sat in a corner and took snapshots while Rebecca photographed Pamela. Since the photos were taken over several hours, the photographer’s own outfit changed (first to go out in public to lunch, then back for more comfort)

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What’s in his nassssty pocketsssesss?

In Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall (now available freely on-line!), a historian visiting Rome gets shunted from 1939 to 536AD. Besides half-way decent knowledge of Latin, he has what was in his pockets at the time of the transfer: … Continue reading

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A very girly gun.

It’s not pink. It’s black and so go with every outfit. Collapsible stock, low-recoil 5.45 caliber, sensuous long-stroke gas piston operation. All it’s missing is the sling. Romanian AK74 clone with Primary Arms red dot on a Midwest Industries rail.

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And for the rest of us…

…there’s the forward pistol grip. Lightweight Thompson with 100-round disk magazine.

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J.Neal Schulman’s blog I recommend it.

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Behind the cat

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Borrowed clothes

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