This week at the Roman encampment, the legionnaires trained for battle

Winners train, shine or rain

Sig-nature shooting style

Sideways backup sights came in later in the course. They allow accurate firing under vehicles. Others had BUIS either in line with red dots or at 45* angle for faster deployment.

Sniping with seriously small arms

Chipmunk rifle scope actually comes with a rangefinding reticle.

Supine shooter

The concussion from the muzzle brake made for an interesting sensation, according to the intrepid rifleman.

Dashing death-dealer

Dashing to the next position while another rifleman provides cover fire.

Larger images

Sniper Pro Shop training | This was Police Sniping IV course meant primarily for other instructors. The entire course takes the whole week, I was present for a little over a day and a half, still leaving with 1075 photos. The instructor leads a SWAT team and really knows how to organize an efficient and informative course.

One day it rained almost constantly, the next day was hot and humid. The students managed to run around in full gear, many wearing hot armor. If you plan on taking such a course, make sure to start working out now. Good cardio is a must, same as for zombie uprising.

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8 Responses to This week at the Roman encampment, the legionnaires trained for battle

  1. docjim505 says:

    I cannot help but juxtapose this pictoral of police officers conducting paramilitary training with previous posts about potential retribution against police officers who (ahem) overstep their authority.

    I understand and support the need for the police to have special units of very highly-trained “paramilitary” officers to deal with the occasional hostage situation, terrorist attack, or heavily-armed gang. I do hope, however, that along with training in sniping techniques and other military-type skills, the officers also get a heavy dose of training in civil liberties and “common sense” such as “don’t shoot a woman holding a baby” or “don’t incinerate a building full of people even if they are suspects” or “you really don’t need to shoot family pets or handcuff small children just because you think daddy sold a couple of doobies”.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      FWIW, the scenario they had while I was there was “School shooting a la Beslan”. Ruby Ridge was mentioned not in positive terms.

      • ChrisJ says:

        I would be interested to hear more about what was said regarding Ruby Ridge.

      • docjim505 says:

        I would be shocked and horrified to know that any American police officer – hell, any honest cop regardless of nationality – would speak favorably of Ruby Ridge. I am also glad that we have men trained to cope with such horrors as Beslan, though I hope that they never have to.

        That being said, this training is a double-edged sword. We are training these men as we would soldiers, i.e. to “kill people and break things” rather than as peace officers whose primary job is to uphold the law. Is it any wonder that they sometimes treat suspects like enemy soldiers, entering American houses like Marines storming a terrorist haven in Fallujah?

        I simply point out that Horiuchi, those peckerheads at Waco, and various SWAT disgraces had this sort of training. What other training are they getting to help ensure that we DON’T see them or their teams on YouTube, terrorizing children, shooting the family Golden Retriever, or gunning down innocent people?

  2. Rule #1: Cardio.


  3. Redd09 says:

    And we think that we’re something special just because we’re Americans and we’ve got guns.

    How much difference is there in terms of functionality and accuracy between the Chipmunk brand rifles and the bolt action rifles of the Henry company?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Don’t know but will find out — I have Chipmunk and Crickett on hand now, getting a Henry next month. Just need a Thompson Center Hot Shot to complete the comparison.

  4. Gerry says:

    Rule 11: Good rain gear.

    When hot 5.56 rounds stick to the back of your wet neck they make an unforgetable
    sizzling sound.

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