Actress Manu Toigo checking her email

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4 Responses to Actress Manu Toigo checking her email

  1. Jim says:

    Umm…do you know her email address, and can I have it?

  2. Tirno says:

    You can find more information about her at, Google being my friend. IMDB doesn’t seem to have her, though… yet.

    Makes me wonder if a casting agency should do a bit more recruiting on-base for separating soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines. Not just for the pretty ones… but some grizzled ones with the verisimilitude. R. Lee Ermey did pretty well using his experience to make a successful film and TV career. Someone should be looking for the next R. Lee.

    But stay away from the fighter pilots, whatever service they’re from. Sure, they can do their own stunts, but a real star is hard enough to deal with without factoring in the Long Zippered Sun God factor.

  3. darkknight9 says:

    Oh my laws….. those…. those are legs.

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