M39 Finnish Mosin

Shown with a typical Finnish marksman. For those who hand-load 7.62x54R for maximum accuracy, I recommend my friend John’s Western Bullet Co. as the source of reloadable brass. Most .312 bullets work well in these.

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6 Responses to M39 Finnish Mosin

  1. Александр Смирнов says:

    Наверное всё таки 7.62x54R

  2. Weston says:

    I start but never Finnish, I’m fast but am never Russian

  3. goofyoldfart says:

    that is a beautiful rifle. I have 4 Mosin-Nagants.:) Sniff–I haven’t found a good Finn M39 , YET. By the way, Oleg–the model is very pretty also, but I have come to expect that of you:)). God Bless to all.


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  5. Firehand says:

    THE M-N variant. Good sights, good trigger, excellent shooters.

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