Economist John Lott

Last week, I met John Lott for the first time in twelve years. I last saw him inĀ  Minnesota back in 1999. His research and articulate writing have done much for the civil rights in the US.

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5 Responses to Economist John Lott

  1. Glenn Bellamy says:

    A very nice (and intelligent) fellow I’ve met several times. Anybody else think he kind of looks like Randy Quaid.

  2. Liam McCumber says:

    Maybe a little like Randy Quaid, minus the crazy.

    Before I read his “More Guns, Less Crime”, I more or less believed the lies that the VPC and The Brady Center had regarding gun ownership, and actually believed having a gun in the house made me less safe. Thanks to Dr. Lott’s writings, I rapidly came to see the gun-grabbers’ hollow and untrue claims. I’m ex-military, I’ve always been a proud patriot, now I’m also a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and the rest of the US Constitution.

  3. R. says:

    I like his writing. Shame about the Mary Rosh affair. …

  4. ben says:

    What’s up with the creepy scars above his eyebrows? Was he a (losing) boxer? Bad 1980’s facelift?

  5. bluemoon says:

    Dr. Lott had a brain tumor when he was a child and that is what the scars are from you insensitive numb nut. Why don’t you run along and play a game of hide & go screw yourself. You’re a jerk Ben.

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