My new pet

A trip to K&S World Market yielded this distinctive gentleman.

Considering his valiant stand against the cat, perhaps the crawfish should be named Leonidas. Considering that he won’t come when called anyway, naming him would be a wasted effort.

The crustacean now has an aquarium of his own.

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15 Responses to My new pet

  1. vonkrag says:

    My advice get 50# more of his fellows & boil them, then suck da heads & eat da tails!

  2. Robert Evans says:

    +1 to Vonkrag. In Louisiana that’s not a pet, it’s the start of a good lunch.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Those are food; not friends

  4. cramer says:

    I’ve been looking at those all week — esp. the “blue lobster” (aka. “cherax”) and it’s escaped German genetic experiment marmorkrebs. They’re beautiful, but you cannot put anything else in the tank with them. They’ll even eat drift wood.

  5. Considering some of the things I’ve kept as pets, a crawfish is tame…heh.

    A friend of mine has a turtle named Leonidas. Considering Gremlin’s look of terrified, balking disbelief, perhaps you should name the crawfish, “Gizmo”. You know, to complete the set. Tiny little creature stands up to larger, much more dangerous creature. Just a thought.

  6. Pierangelo Tendas says:

    LOL, getting yourself your own “Pinchy the Lobster”, Mr. Volk?

  7. mp5FanBoy says:

    When it’s crawfish eating time around here, we have “mud bug races”. We dump a bunch of them on the drive way and race them to the street. The winner lives. The rest have to get in the hot tub…

  8. BLADE says:

    They like minows for supper, even frozen, they don’t care. Go to your local Bait Shop and get some bait for your Bait, freeze some for winter he’ll love it, I mean, you know for a Crawdaddy…………………

  9. Turk says:

    I love crawdads, but some food has just to damned much character to eat!!!

  10. Gewehr98 says:

    I’d name him “Delicious”. How are you supposed to boil the water in the aquarium, anyway?

  11. Ross says:

    I believe that the only thought running through Gremlin’s mind is “How do I crack the shell without opposable thumbs??”.

  12. kirsten says:

    cute! they are among the more active and interesting aquarium dwellers….

  13. Weston says:

    If you wanted a crustacean for an outdoor pet, you could get a Japanese Spider Crab. They’re as big as a VW Beetle.

  14. Bryan S. says:

    fellow crab keeper here, although of the “hermit” variety. they do make for interesting photo subjects.

  15. henri_spb says:

    А чем вы его кормите, как содержите?)

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