More about teaching new shooters

Fifteen shots from Ruger 22/45. The pistol was customized by Albert Yang and has an awesome trigger. (Photo by Ed Levine.)

After the short-range introduction shoot, Alex got excellent coaching from Brian in the finest Appleseed tradition. One key to a good shoot seems to be good ammunition: I usually bring a mix of Eley and CCI and have yet to experience a misfire with either brand, and accuracy is quite good. No point in making the newbie think they are missing when in fact the ammo is at fault.

Though some of the guns used were sound suppressed, over half were not. So everyone wore plugs and muffs together. I also upgraded from old, scratched safety glasses to wraparound Sawfly ballistic glasses. Fortunately, they make kids size version also. We also had a couple of people put in charge of hydration, making sure that we had no heat casualties. The 10’x20′ tent I use for outdoor photography provided shade for the shooters. Range time for newbies should be safe, fun and comfortable.

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  1. Keystone says:

    I always find that the thick plastic arms of safety glasses prevent the closest audio seal under over ear protection and eventually become uncomfortable. I have a pair with wire arms, but that design seems to be in a tiny minority. Am I the only one who has trouble with earpro/eyepro interaction?

  2. Brian says:

    Alex is quick, bright, and follows instructions. She earned her excellent results. Perhaps Oleg will post a picture of the playing cards she punched holes in.

  3. Ed says:

    We had a great time!

  4. R. says:

    Plugs and muffs together, outside? Did you shoot full size rifle rounds, or what :D?

    I have damaged hearing sensitive to overly loud sounds, yet even .45 or TT inside, if I’m wearing shooting muffs isn’t loud enough to trigger tinnitus (unlike someone talking loudly into my ear).
    Crappy, non gun muffs such as those used while working with power machinery are not good though, found that out.

    The Ruger 22 group.. what kind of distance is that? 10,15,30 yards? Kind of important to mention 😉

    • Oleg Volk says:

      6 yards. Quite good for someone who’s been shooting for one hour at that point.

      We had .223 and 6.8mm rifles in use.

    • Camtec says:

      I also shot that Ruger. I have been shooting for about 50 years and I have never shot a more accurate pistol. I was hitting targets the size of a silver dollar at 25 yds consistently. Alex is a natural when it comes to shooting and credit also should be given to Bryan for superb coaching.

  5. Sean says:

    How do you get such attractive women to go to the range with you? And do you have the phone number of any such women in Metro Detroit that?

    • R. says:

      Too young and too skinny. Looks like jailbait.

      I decided to take my chances with the opposite end of the spectrum, hence my attempts at dating a very aggressive 6’4″ blonde girl (no, not a trap, I’ve seen her blood tests). Seems a little like a cross between Jayne and Kaylee from Firefly, as she likes fighting and repairing stuff..

      I just hope I won’ get my head bitten when the moon will be full.. 🙂

      • Oleg Volk says:

        22 is jailbait these days?

      • Sean says:

        A 6’4″ blond? Well, good luck with that. I am sure that the undertaker will never get the smile off your face.

        Once was involved with a 6’1″ Italian girl. Damn near did me in. And I was 22.

        • R. says:

          A 6’4″ blonde, who has won medals in kickboxing. Against male competitors. And she has higher testosterone levels, meaning, she’s really gung-ho and aggressive.

          I mean, she told me that once she was out, dressed nicely for a change, waiting for a bus, and some antisocial brown-czech youths started hassling her. So she talked right back at them, probably rather sharply… to which they took offense. One of them had a knife, but was hesitant.. so he got beaten up, and she has rather fetching jagged knife scars on her left arm.

          Yeah. Maybe I should draft a will or something. I think it’d be less painful to hack one’s little finger off with a blunt knife than cross this girl..

          What can I say 😀 She looks positively youthful and very petite. Handle with care kind of girl. No doubt gets carded in bars all the time…

  6. Titular Head says:

    She is about as irresistible as a box full of adorable kittens. 😀

  7. Eric Oppen says:

    Very nice…and she’s spathic, too!

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  9. Wally says:

    Oleg – the 10′ X 20′ tent – I’d appreciate it if you could please post a pic of it and the mfg/purchase/cost info. I have a similar need for something like that when I conduct classes at the range, and the standard 10′ X 10′ foldable canopies just don’t do the job.

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