Solothurn MP35, rare 45ACP model

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5 Responses to Solothurn MP35, rare 45ACP model

  1. Eric Oppen says:

    Coolness! When and for whom was this made? Is it a one-off or part of a production run?

    I didn’t know any Europeans even liked .45 ACP.

  2. Max Popenker says:

    Oleg, that’s not Bergmann – it’s a Steyr-Solothurn S1-100, also known as Steyr MP.30 (in 9mm Steyr) and MP.35 (in 9mm Mauser and/or 9mm Luger)
    And if it’s a .45ACP, then it’s a rare South American contract gun. Cool!

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  4. DirtCrashr says:

    Love the barrel shroud perforations and that fat-serious ejection port. The square-to-round receiver bridge is also a joy of metalwork.
    If only the Finns had made a .45ACP Suomi…

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