Miniature panther

Gremlin stalking through tall grass

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6 Responses to Miniature panther

  1. Nikolay says:

    Привет коту от нас!
    Послал тебе, наконец, посылку вчера – шейник, кухонник, ветку, костыльник и галину медную розу.

  2. Lyle says:

    Cats are killers, and yet we consider them cute and cuddly and darling and all the rest. Someone needs to tell cats that violence is never the answer.

    • Liam McCumber says:

      Cats are cute and cuddly and are good hunters, and as Uncle Ted says, you can’t grill it until you kill it.

      I hope you were trolling…

    • Wing and a Whim says:

      If you ever talk to a military spouses, you’ll find many also consider their finely-honed soldiers cute and cuddly and darling. What can I say? We’re omnivores, with the carnivorous teeth and appreciation for other other wonderful predators like dogs and cats.

      And violence is always an answer. It’s just not always the best answer.

  3. "lee n. field" says:

    Ahhh, focus!

    I wish I could do that with my ears.

  4. T.Stahl says:

    And there I was, expecting a scale model of an Panzer V. 😉

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