The crowd-sourced FAL.

Various parts of this rifle came from Coonan,  DSA, Magpul and Galt’s Guns (who also did the awesome camo job). It runs great. The camo is very effective to the eye because our vision doesn’t have the selective focus of a fast tele lens.

It’s good to have friends.


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4 Responses to The crowd-sourced FAL.

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  2. LarryArnold says:

    If he’s close enough to tell that your rifle is camo, you need a bayonet. 😉

  3. Ray says:

    I like the FAL . IMO , one of the best SA rifles ever made.

  4. Jared Green says:

    Hey brother, Check out my article on the birth of the FAL Battle Rifle. Please note the Rhodesian War videos included. U.S. hung them out to dry and today the Zimbabwe people are starving but it’s not because brave men with FALs didn’t try. Post it if you like it.

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