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Why are ersatz foods ingredients so common in the US?

US isn’t a poor country. Yet typical food includes junk like corn syrup. Even in fairly expensive restaurants, imitation crab is used instead of real crab. Airlines serve absolutely foul artificial creamer instead of half-and-half or cream. Typical baked goods, … Continue reading

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CZ97B was on the cover of the wonderfully photographed CZ catalog from 2000. Especially with the 10-round limit then in force, a “natural 10-rounder” in 45ACP felt like a perfect package. It was something I had long wanted but still … Continue reading

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Co-witnessing AK sights with a red dot

Take an AK, add a TWS top cover with replacement open sights (or a peep sight), add an Aimpoint Micro (or a clone) without a base. Secure with four screws. Done! The machine top cover is  sprung to stay firmly … Continue reading

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Handicapped? Yes. Unarmed? Never.

See for more info in Polish.

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People in difficult situations

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“Мочить врагов в сортире!” (“Wet-work the foes in outhouses!”)

Standard Russian injunction illustrated. Also works outside. Similar to the rifle from the previous post, but with a folding adapter in front of a Magpul stock, Aimpoint H1 and an even brighter 700 lumen Superfire light. Same Battlecomp, folding rear … Continue reading

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“Adapt and Overcome” is available, a new book by Peter Grant

And, just like the earlier books of that series, it’s become very popular from the start. I design overs for Peter’s books, so it pleases me to see him do well — as his writing talent well deserves.

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Nighthawk Predator

This Nighthawk Predator was a gift from G4P.

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Springfield M1A

My friend Red likes rifles.

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Updating the light rifle

One of my colleagues stopped by. She didn’t bring any of her own rifles, but we borrowed a couple from a mutual friend. Start with a standard light-barreled Colt 16″ AR carbine. Add a Trijicon RMR on a see-through mount. … Continue reading

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Properly equipped photo assistants

Keltec PF9 in a Comp-Tac kydex paddle. Beretta M9 in an Alessi belt holster. Rudy Project eye protection.

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Valentines Day is coming.

Practice your knots!

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A tug on the lace

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Concealed carry shorts

Undertech concealment shorts — like a wearable IWB holster. Plus: very concealable. Minus: doesn’t stay open when empty, so re-holstering is more difficult. Drawing is simple but requires a pretty long reach and careful muzzle control to avoid covering self … Continue reading

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Thigh holsters, how to wear them?

When I posted first photos of the lace thigh holster, I showed it worn on the outside of the leg. The vendor site showed it worn inside the thigh. Which is correct? The answer is both. If you are slim … Continue reading

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New on AllOutdoor: Fight cabin fever with lasers

Lasers for sighting in guns, and for training without using up ammunition.

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My photos in Russia again.

A show of my photos as a part of Right to Arms presentation called “My home is my castle” in Tula, Russia. Tula was long the center of gun production there, so importing gun posters has a Coals to Newcastle … Continue reading

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