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My photos in Russia again.

A show of my photos as a part of Right to Arms presentation called “My home is my castle” in Tula, Russia. Tula was long the center of gun production there, so importing gun posters has a Coals to Newcastle … Continue reading

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Busy, busy…in America and in Russia.

While I have been scrambling, camera in hand, through rocky hills of Austin, TX with my friends from TWS, quite a few of my photos got circulated in Russia at the second RKBA convention.  Many will see yourselves on the … Continue reading

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A journal I follow had a note: “Livejournal is blocked in Kyrgystan, Kazahkstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, so apologies for the long delay and if I have neglected you guys.” So there’s a definite USSR flavor to some segments of it. … Continue reading

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