Busy, busy…in America and in Russia.

While I have been scrambling, camera in hand, through rocky hills of Austin, TX with my friends from TWS, quite a few of my photos got circulated in Russia at the second RKBA convention.  Many will see yourselves on the posters shown in this video. You’ll also see familiar gun rights faces as well as some strange bedfellows like Zhirinovsky. Never expected to be on the same side!

Quite a few posters in Russian and English were printed and displayed. This video about women’s holsters shows a few of the posters also.

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7 Responses to Busy, busy…in America and in Russia.

  1. Cory Brickner says:


  2. LarryArnold says:

    Unfortunately, Russia will never allow gun rights. Just like Chicago.

    Oh, wait…


  3. US Overloard says:

    Interested in how this fared in the US only. Clearly I have a vested interest and am interested to know regarding the affests within the US.

  4. The Neon Madman says:

    Is that a broom handle Mauser that I see in the middle picture?

  5. Y. says:

    In Russia though – the government is put between two choices- either allow people weapons to defend themselves with, or provide security.

    It can’t do the latter because it’s police apparatus is inefficient and money gets stolen anyway.

    It seems that in Russia, the true aim of the government is just holding onto power and privilege. They can’t do that if people are restive, so they have to be seen throwing a bone to the people from time to time.

    Maybe the right to arms is going to be one such bone.

  6. herny says:

    what does the last poster say?

  7. Linoge says:

    I think I see someone I recognize :).

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