Updating the light rifle

One of my colleagues stopped by. She didn’t bring any of her own rifles, but we borrowed a couple from a mutual friend.

Start with a standard light-barreled Colt 16″ AR carbine.

Add a Trijicon RMR on a see-through mount. The sight is tiny, so the bore offset isn’t increased by much.

Add a Battlecomp muzzle brake/compensator to remove barrel climb on rapid fire.

Replace the M4 telestock with a sturdier Magpul CTR. Tatiana’s technique with the stock fully extended feels odd to me but seems to produce much better control of recoil.

The light is a Surefire model with 500 lumen main light and two little navigation lights with momentary pressure switches.

The soon to be riddled gentleman in the red shirt is from IDTS.

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9 Responses to Updating the light rifle

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  2. millerized says:

    She could have used one of mine!

  3. Walker says:

    You really wanna lighten that rifle, ditch the 1 pound surefire light (stop drinking the coolaid!), use the original rails, install a rail on the front sight post, attach your light with an offset adapter and ditch the RMR. A)this rig is still too expensive and B)has too many failure points/unnecessary weight. If you train with it you can hit 100meter targets and closer by simply aligning the top of your front sight post with your targert. This is simple and pretty accurate. If you need a bit more precision, you can take your time by actually getting a good sight picture with the iron sights.

    Too many people it seems just slap an optic/holo/trijicon on their weapon and think that it will all be good… If your weapon already has iron sights then BAM, its good to go. If it had a flat top upper, I would understand a sight/optic and then adding a BUIS.

  4. Gewehr98 says:

    I’m curious if the Battlecomp really minimizes muzzle rise, or the mass of that big honkin’ flashlight sitting out there in front.

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  6. Sigivald says:

    … Someday, someone will make a really nice AR sight that doesn’t cost as much as the rifle it’s sitting on.

    I look forward to that day.

    (Okay, I kid a little. An EOTech 512 is pretty damned nice, and only costs about half what a basic AR costs.)

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