One way to handle switchable barrels.

This 455Lux rifle is in 22WMR. It also accepts a 22LR barrel — with its own sights — and appropriate magazines. Plink with cheaper ammo, bust tree rats with faster 22 Magnum. Don’t have to re-zero.

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3 Responses to One way to handle switchable barrels.

  1. Bob G says:

    Looks like it would be a truly useful setup! The .22 WMR is quite a round from a rifle- or carbine-length barrel. With a .22 LR/WMR rifle, you can also cope better with ammo shortages. For a while here, the .22 LR was unavailable, but boxes of .22 WMR sat on the shelf.

  2. Lyle says:

    The take-down and switch-out procedure does seem a bit fiddly, though the price is hard to beat.

  3. ol' Huff says:

    Oleg, though I love just about all the work I see from you, I don’t think any firearm matches the look of your work better than CZ’s stuff. It was a match made in gun Heaven. You do a magnificent job showing the lines and elegance of the firearm and your model selection always matches them perfectly. Its just great and about 9 gazillion times better than some of the hack photoshop jobs companies put on a lot of their marketing stuff. Its just great.

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