Neither predator nor prey.

The problem with many anti-gun people is their inability to envision themselves as something other than those two roles. In countries where positive illustrations are unavailable due to restrictive laws, it’s hard to show by example. In the US, it is quite possible and should be leveraged to educate them.


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  1. RegT says:

    Funny coincidence. I just mentioned the book (NPNP) on Fran Porretto’s blog. Living in the “Redoubt”, The “Tri-State” area, if you will (and I have lived in Wyoming, as well) – my neighbors and I watch out for each other. A smallish tribe, for certain. But one which will likely step up to the plate to protect others should circumstances change for the worse.

  2. Matt says:

    There are sheep, wolves, sheepdogs and shepherds. Over the millenia the sheepdogs and shepherds have kept the wolves and sheep in proper balance. No reason to expect it to change in the future.

  3. Lyle says:

    There are two worlds that we might live in. One is the world of intimidation and pressure. That is the world of popular culture, idolizing of stardom, putting other people on pedastals, being a member of the pecking order. Cowards and bullies occupy this world, and of course authoritarians such as Progressives. Every coward is a bully when facing a weaker coward and every bully is a coward when facing a greater bully. This is the world of manipulation, each citizen trying to get something from each other citizen, looking to people, places and things for gratification or even a form of “salvation”, where “love” means servatude and loyalty to the Chief Operator, whoever that may be in any given situation including personal relationships and marriage. In this world, people are more prisoners than citizens.

    The other is the world of liberty. In this world there is no pecking order, as each citizen is a free agent. This world and its citizenry is guided by higher principles. Each citizen understands that something greater than himself is at work in the world. Confidence, enthusiasm, encouragement and charity (rather than insecurity, dispare, judgement, intimidation and theft) are the driving forces in one’s daily life.

    Your poster does quite well at making the distinction between the two. Each of the two societies views the other as being out of touch with reality. Each longs for liberation from the other, but only one has access to true liberation.

    These two worlds defy physics in that they exist in the same place at the same time. Anyone can move between the two worlds, depending on nothing more than one’s state of mind, or awareness, or the “frequency” to which one’s mind is tuned.

    In religious parlance, these are the worlds ruled by the forces of heaven and hell, but regardless what language or dialect is used to define them, the two worlds are just as real (or terrifying or wonderful) to the citizens.

    • Y. says:

      You’re from Colorado, right?

      • Lyle says:

        Har har. Only in your dreams. No; North Idaho. The slogan for the great state of North Idaho, by the way, is;

        “North Idaho – A State of Mind”.

        See the catchy double entendre there? The presumed Governor of North Idaho is a man named Diamond Jeffrey Western, from Moscow, which is the capitol city. He’s a filthy rotten Progressive, but we tolerate him because a) he’s just weird and harmless, personable and kind of funny, and b) he has no political power whatsoever (if he had power, we’d be forced to kill him, which would kinda suck because we sort of like him and we don’t find pleasure in killin’. Then there’s the digging and filling in the hole as I’m sure you know, which is a lot of work, and there’s always the garden and various other projects to deal with anyway).

  4. Kit says:

    Is that Sharon Stone’s sister?

  5. Pieter-Michiel Geuze says:

    What weapon is that?

  6. Pieter-Michiel Geuze says:

    Disregard, I see the article on the TAC12 here at

    Thank you, my RSS reader goes backwards.

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