Report on PPU 270Win 130gr load


My deerslaying friend Don wrote: Finally, got around to trying the .270W PPU cartridges you gave me awhile back. They shot as good as my custom loads. I was able to group an inch @ 100 yds. I can recommend them. The brass looks like it has been annealed,

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2 Responses to Report on PPU 270Win 130gr load

  1. Kristophr says:

    Most commercial ammo is annealed. Commercial ammo has the discoloration polished off before loading. Milspec ammo leaves it on as proof the ammo was annealed.

  2. Paul Koning says:

    I would think the cases have to be annealed. You can’t form flat brass into the shape of a case without multiple annealing steps. And while the forming doesn’t require a final anneal step, I would think you need one to make the cases ductile rather than brittle (to prevent fracture when fired).

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