Range time in the Spring

Leader 50 semi-auto bullpup

Another great day at the range. Went to see the next update of Leader 50 and to socialize with friends. Finally tried my Mossberg 144 at 100 yards and was able to hit a pop can every time. Rimfire match ammo is a relatively affordable way to get much better accuracy out of the same gun.

Charles St.George, a prominent firearms designer

Charles shooting my .22 rifle

Charles shooting my .22 rifle

Firing slugs through a KSG

This Savage .22 is a prettied-up $100 Walmart special. It works very well but I prefer the models with Accu-Trigger.

Smooth-shooting Remington ACR with a Vortex red dot

After the range trip, I got to see my friend’s new baby for the first time. I think she’ll be a great model in the near future.

Cute kid

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